Monday , September 27 2021

Dead Space Remake: Sci-Fi Horror returns with next-generation graphics

Remake of Dead Space: The horror of science fiction returns with next-generation graphics
Image: EA

The rumors were correct: EA is working on a remake of the horror classic Dead Space. What gamers can expect, the developers point out with a short introductory video at the latest EA Play event. The display shows a pretty scary environment for next-generation hardware that was created with the Frostbite engine.

That’s why Dead Space was good

Dead Space came out of nowhere in 2008 and produced science fiction horror. In the game, coach Isaac Clarke is stranded on the drifting USG Ishimura spacecraft. The initial rescue mission quickly becomes a struggle for survival, because the crew, mutated into necromorphs, fight the newcomers by all possible means.

There is a lot of tension between the struggle for survival, the investigation of the causes, and the search for Clarke’s girlfriend who serves Ishimura. This is exacerbated by the fact that Clarke is not and will not be a soldier, but the coach must be defended otherwise.

New generation implementation

Since Visceral Games closed after an ambitious Star Wars action game was discontinued, the remake was not created by its parents. EA Motive (Star Wars: Squadrons) is responsible for the development.

The use of the Frostbite engine promises contemporary graphics, which EA announces to the feature set. The platforms provide an additional indication of the level of technical implementation. The remake is being made for PC, as well as for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are left out. As a result, the lowest common denominator in hardware shifts to more powerful areas leading to more beautiful worlds.

It is unclear how much the game is based on the original. The story, the characters, the mechanics “and much more” need to be “improved”. There is explicit talk of the “struggle for survival”; therefore, the orientation to survival is maintained. This point is important: EA made the horror game with Dead Space 2 and 3 get heavier in action in hopes of higher sales, but with dilution it produced increasingly weaker games. There is no release date for the remake yet. Since only a brief teaser has been shown so far, the game will likely be released in late 2022.

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