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Deutsche Bahn requires billions a year to maintain infrastructure


Bad News has been haunting Deutsche Bahn for months for months: broken trains, burning trains, delayed trains; lack of engine drivers, slow in executive suite, rising debts. (Read the full story in the new SPIEGEL here.)

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But with negative titles it should be over soon. The State Enterprise Supervisory Board meets in Berlin at the end of next week, and the Executive Board has submitted to the supervisory authority a 200-page catalog with lots of offers. According to SPIEGEL's information, only management requires up to 7 billion euros a year to maintain infrastructure. This so-called. An agreement on performance and financing for the period from 2020 to 2025 is currently being negotiated between Deutsche Bahn and the Federal Ministry of Finance. So far, Deutsche Bahn has received about 3.6 billion euros a year to maintain its facilities.

According to the submission of the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors plans several measures:

  • 200 new trains, including 137 new ICEs only to increase the reliability of rail transport.
  • Thanks to additional self-propelled wagons, it is expected that trains will accelerate to 265 instead of a maximum of 250 km / h, which will increase capacity.
  • Also, for the distance between the two largest German cities, the board thought something: The railway plans next to a one-day cycle additionally between Berlin and Hamburg every half hour of the train.
  • In 2019, a project model on the same route is planned: super fast mobile connection with the latest 5G standard. For this purpose, budgetary funds in the amount of over EUR 24 million are envisaged.

But the strategy meeting is everything but self-promotion, too much distrust between the board and the supervisory board. Chief of the Supervisory Board, Michael Odenwald, former State Secretary for Transport and Transport Commissioner Andreas Scheuer, is becoming increasingly unpopular, as he suddenly intertwines in everyday affairs. Ultimately, after all, he ensured that the committee approached.

Regardless, it is clear: a two-day surrender to Berlin tower will be a nerve battle.

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