Saturday , May 8 2021

Disappeared Isabella (16) de Celle apparently found in France

Isabella de Celle: She returns home with her father

Her parents worried for weeks, as on Tuesday evening they had hope, now certainty: police discovered Celle’s missing Isabella (16) in France. Now investigators are out of danger and announce, “Celle police investigators who had traveled especially tonight found that the girl who was found in France is definitely Isabella, who has been missing since March 22, 2021. There are a repatriation in the presence of the father was scheduled for tomorrow. “

Isabella was missing for 15 days

“Isabella de Celle’s large-scale search, which had been missing for 15 days, surprisingly gave a very specific suggestion today due to the call on Facebook,” the discovery said on Tuesday.

Police are continuing to investigate the exact circumstances of the disappearance. According to police, the girl’s father and police officers headed to France on Wednesday. Officials suspected from Tuesday evening that Isabella was in the Paris area.

Isabella left her parents’ house in Celle unnoticed

The young woman, nicknamed Isi, had left her parents’ house unnoticed on the morning of March 22, according to police. The young woman did not take any keys, wallet or mobile phone. So when the police searched for them, they assumed they wanted to meet someone near the house.

Investigators also considered a violent crime possible. A special commission evaluated contacts between young people in chat groups and on social media. On Easter Monday, officials again called for help from the population urgently.

Isabella is missing: parents asked Facebook for help

Most missing children reappear

According to police experience, most missing children and teens show up within hours or days. But there are exceptions, some destinations remain permanently inexplicable. By the end of 2020, almost 1,300 people had been registered in the archives of missing persons from the Lower Saxony State Police Office, including 202 young men and 160 women. Since 2001, the fifteen-year-old Katrin Konert from the Lüchow-Dannenberg district has been missing in Lower Saxony.

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