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Dithmarschen: Men's activists exploit the appearance of Spahn in protest against abortion


Germany Dithmarschen

Female activists interfere with the appearance of the upper body of the top naked

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Female activists interrupt the Spahn spectacle

Feminine activists caused great stir during the representation of the health minister, Jens Spahn. With the naked torso, the women attacked the lobby and shouted: "This is a gamble."

In February, the federal cabinet approved five million euros for a controversial study on abortion. On the other hand, Femen activists protested when they attacked the performance of Jens Spahn. He reacted – in reference to his homosexuality.

ZWhite activists have provoked a great stir during the representation of Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, in the Dithmarschen district (Schleswig-Holstein). With the bare chest, the two women entered the room on Friday night and protested against the study initiated by the UDC's politician on the psychological burden of abortions. Femen Germany published an action video on Facebook.

Before the activists were driven out of the room, they sent documents from Spa to Spa. According to Germany Femen, the proposals for which five million euros of study could be used were reduced. During his performance, the two women sang a modified version of Wolfgang Petry's "Madness" song. Among other things, he said: "This is a gamble. Why do you send women to hell?" And "Ice cream, you do not care about women's problems."

In the chest, the activists said: "My stomach is mine" and "My body, my choice", so that "My body, my choice" is maintained. Jens Spahn commented on the action with dry humor when he explained – in reference to his homosexuality: "With me you do not go so far with stripping yourself."

At Spahn's proposal, the federal cabinet approved five million euros in February for the controversial study on abortion. Investigate the psychological consequences of abortion. The critics point out that these studies already exist and that the five million euros could be used for better purposes.

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