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Dortmund – Mainz on live replication: double package! Sancho will do it again: BVB


Dortmund. In the highest game of the Bundesliga on Saturday night comes a duel between Borussia Dortmund and Mainz,

In the game Dortmund – Mainz BVB wants to pressure Bayern Munich in the championship fight.

Dortmund – Mainz at the live ticker

With a win against Mainz, team coach Lucien Favre could at least temporarily climb to the top of the table. Because Bayern's record champion plays only Sunday in Dusseldorf.

All information about the game Dortmund – Mainz at the live ticker,

Score: BVB 2: 0 FSV

+++ Update the live ticker +++

45.: Break down the Westfalenstadion. Dortmund with a strong first half hour. But after 2: 0, let the black and yellow yellows – almost Onisiwo would have won just before the rest. Continue in 15 minutes.

43.: Mainz with the possibility of returning to the game before rest. Mateta serves Onisiwo, who rotates the ball elegantly to the outside site with his hoe. It looks pretty and should have been attractive to the connection.

37.: Now Favre's first word of power: "Reducing a gear" has turned into a sneaker that is not suited to the technician.

31.: But, yes, let it go. Witsel came close after quickly winning a ball with his teammates, Götze served Bruun Larsen, who also leaves the third good chance. First, the Danish makes his opponent old with a climber. From an acute angle, it is lost, but then the long post.

30.: Now, Dortmund has taken a small train. Understandable, everything went according to the desire so far. After all, Mainz now can also have the ball.

28.: Start of dreams for Borussia. He did not play for half an hour and already had 2: 0 in front. In addition, because yellow laborious bees after leadership did not return, but they continued. Now, Mainz has to take care that this game does not derail soon. Like the BVB last weekend.

24.: TOOOOOOOOR for Borussia Dortmund !!! Jadon Sancho is also happy to serve from the left. This time, the preliminary work of Thomas Delaney arrived: the result is the same. A goal for BVB – and, again, a bit happy with the scorer, who shoots in Mainz and, therefore, he is. 2: 0!

18.: TOOOOOOOR for Borussia Dortmund! Soon and already won! After Bruun Larsen gave two good opportunities, it's just Jadon Sancho. With a good side, Mario Götze puts it in the English language. The young granddaughter, but he's a little lucky: Guardian Müller returned.

14.: Once again, Bruun Larsen! This time, Sancho serves the young man sensational with a chip on the left. The Dane jumps, hits the ball again and misses the goalkeeper again.

12.: Here are the first impressions of the Chaos-Choreo sensualist Südtribüne >>>

9.: Not surprisingly, BVB has the scepter in the hand and the ball in the foot. Mainz tries to stand up, not achieve an early goal and wait for his chance.

6.: That could have been. On the short corner, Götze crosses Bruun Larsen, who hits the ball a little sharply and still takes four meters into the goal. But the goalkeeper of the FSV Müller stopped like this.

4.: The first discomfort: Weigl with a risky risk of Bürki. But the guardian responds correctly and clarifies. Last week, such a scandalous action from Zagadou was the beginning of the end.

1st minute: Kick-off!

18:29: The players come, choreos chaos to the mighty south. Here the kettle is burning. We go!

18:14: The southern rostrum already sings with pleasure. The clear and vocal game of the South game for Bayern: "And if you lose the game, at the bottom, we stay here and we play Borussia!" The clean mouth goes on.

18.10 clock: Here we go. BVB got rid of commitment 0: 5 package from Munich? Mainz can disturb Borussia after 2018? By the way, it was until today the last defeat at home of the Bundesliga of Dortmund. Borussia Dortmund has been unbeaten at home as the only team in the League this season.

17:51: In the first stage, he impressed the dorsal block of Dortmunder with a beautiful choreous scarf. Check it here again to encourage the game of today >>>

17:33: So Mainz 05 begins in Dortmund:
Müller – Donati, Niakthé, Aarón, Hack – client, Gbamin, Latza, Boëtius – Onisiwo, Mateta
Bank: Zentner, Bell, Brosinsky, Baku, Maxim, Quaison, Ujah

17:31: Zagadou on the bench, Wolf to the right, Weigl to the center defense and Bruun Larsen replaced Raphael Guerreiro, who is not on the Borussia squad due to injuries. A schedule that contains one or two surprises.

17:29: Initial line of BVB:
Bürki – Wolf, Akanji, Weigl, Diallo – Witsel, Delaney – Sancho, Reus, Bruun Larsen, Götze
Bank: Hitz, Toprak, Zagadou, Schmelzer, Dahoud, Alcàsser, Philipp.

17:26: It's hard to believe, but it's snowing in Dortmund – and not so much. In April 2019 we return to work hard on its reputation.

17:23: In little more than an hour, it begins. We will send the lists of both teams immediately.

16:33: The statistics speak a clear language for Borussia Dortmund. Only one of the last eight duels with the FSV lost black and yellow, six times in this period as the winner of the site. By the way, even if both traditional clubs are more than 100 years old, there was the first shock in 2004.

15:44: After the first separation between Arsenal and London, the former scout of the head of the BVB, Sven Mislintat, is apparently faced with a return to the Bundesliga. The VfB Stuttgart advertises the services of young people of 46 years, to the Swedish should become the director of sports. Here all the information >>>

14:40: If our excellent live ticker is not enough for you, we have summarized you here, where you can follow the game in live streaming for PC, tablet or smartphone. All the information here >>>

12:01: The referee of the party at night is the Nuremberg Deniz Aytekin. The 40-year-old boy already whistled the first stage of the game, which Borussia Dortmund won 2-1 at Opel Arena.

Saturday, April 13, 9:17 a.m.: The day At 6:30 a.m., the launch is the duel of Kloppo's former clubs. Of course, BVB is a great favorite of the game, if not more than the leaders.

21:30: Although the season is far from over, there are many speculations about how things will continue in the next season. At the center of the rumors: Ready of the young BVB Real Madrid Achraf Hakimi. It is said that Spaniards want to have it in the summer, although it was lent for two years. Now, Real Madrid has spoken this word energy >>>

20:23: For six consecutive years, Bayern Munich was able to stock the championship. Borussia Dortmund finally gets involved this season. It is clear that fans of the BVB want to give everything, so that their team returns to the Ruhr. To face Dortmund in front of Mainz, fans of the BVB have come to this action >>>

19:20: The hope for the German championship Borussia Dortmund has not resigned despite the misfortune of Munich. After all, there are still 18 points that will be awarded and BVB only has one point behind the record champions. A look at the rest of the show shows: There are two reasons for Borussia >>>

17:11: The bankrupt bankrupt last weekend in Bayern left his mark on Borussia Dortmund. BVB has not only had to deliver the league leader to the record champions. Finally, there is speculation about a question that Lucien Favre and his team will divide. Here you have all the details >>>

Friday, April 12, 2:05 p.m .: After the retirement of Lukas Piszczek, Marius Wolf is considered the initial candidate of the eleven parties between Dortmund and Mainz. During the week, however, the BVB professional had to face a very different issue. Before the district court of Kitzingen, the 23-year-old was sentenced to a fine of 200,000 euros. Here you can find out what Marius Wolf has achieved >>>

Confirmed statements:

Dortmund: Bürki – Wolf, Akanji, Weigl, Diallo – Witsel, Delaney – Sancho, Reus, Bruun Larsen, Götze

Mainz: Müller – Donati, Niakthé, Aarón, Hack – client, Gbamin, Latza, Boëtius – Onisiwo, Mateta

Game data:

  • Start: Saturday, 13.04.2019, clock from 18.30
  • Place: Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund
  • Referee: Deniz Aytekin

Dortmund – Mainz: the last five duels

  • 24.11.2018, Bundesliga: Mainz – Dortmund 1: 2
  • 05.05.2018, Bundesliga: Dortmund – Mainz 1: 2
  • 12.12.2017, Bundesliga: Mainz – Dortmund 0: 2
  • 29.01.2017, Bundesliga: Mainz – Dortmund 1: 1
  • 27.08.2016, Bundesliga: Dortmund – Mainz 2: 1

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