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Ex-co-coach Peter Hermann on Kovac, Flick i Stars


In time, Peter Hermann appears three minutes before the start of the interview Sport1The legend of a 67-year-old assistant coach is in a sports suit. On the right wrist, as always, it wears a watch with the Schalke emblem on the dial. Hermann describes her as her "lucky charm".

Immediately near BayArena at Leverkusen, Hermann reviews his professional career for almost two hours of conversation.

There, where he finished his professional career as a player in 1984 and began his successful co-coaching career in 1989. This summer, 30 years, 19 trainers and several titles later, he finished it. In coincidence with the start of the conversation, FC Bayern training images enter a large monitor in the lobby of the hotel. The club, which Hermann is so connected, especially thanks to Jupp Heynckes and with whom he entered the double season.

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In the second part of the interview, Hermann talks about the special challenge of Munich, professionalism and the recent Rafinha (this is the first part).

Sport1: Mr. Hermann, is it behind one of the most difficult resorts in your career?

Peter Hermann: Finally yes. One has noticed at some point that the boys will lose nothing more. I remember exactly when we played at Gladbach in early March (5: 1, d. Red). Dortmund lost to Augsburg the previous day (1: 2, d. Red). In the cabin there was the tenor of players like Robert Lewandowski: "Today you have to deliver." They also deliver. It seems extraordinary to Bayern.

Sport1: Will was the key to success despite many arguments?

Hermann: It's true: Bayern has been so successful in recent years, because there is always something. Nobody can sit back and rest. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is right when he says that everyone has to get rid of it. This is really true for everyone. Schalke bothered me a little earlier. With the compensation budget, then they were at the top of the Bundesliga. But the teams that paid less were before us. Something can not be right. I have also tried to explain it to some players. Bayern earns more, but you also have to deliver the maximum. Otherwise, you do not have to go there. The players also know it.

"The resignation of Rafinha did not adjust"

Sport1: Rafinha was in an interview with the other day Image of sports clearly, followed by trainer Niko Kovac.

Hermann: Tracking does not make you. Ms. likes Rafinha. He is a good player who has fulfilled his role well and that he is reliable. You knew what he had about him. But I did not like his resignation.

This team is for Peter Hermann the eleven best players he has ever worked with
This team is for Peter Hermann the eleven best players he has ever worked with © SPORT1 assembly: Veith Nurtsch, Veith

Sport1: He criticized the lack of team chemistry between the team and the coach. How did you feel about the internal relationship?

Hermann: It was the first year of Niko Kovac in Bayern, and has the hardest work in the Bundesliga as a coach. This must be done first. You have many problems with the media and have to deal with other types of players. These are simple players who all want to play soccer. But they are different from Leverkusen, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf. El Jaume (Rodríguez, d. Red) is a star in South America. It was not easy with Arjen Robben if he did not play. Because all 18 players want to play always. Players must get used to the coach and vice versa.

Sport1: How to achieve respect as a coach in the booth of Bayern?

Hermann: This is the hardest thing about this work. In the end, the important thing is what comes out and not if you're fine. Become first and have had one or more stress instead of the fifth. Personally, I also discovered that the relationship between the team and Niko was improved as the season progressed. Only players win not all games. As negative as the proportion was partially represented, it was not in any way.

"The relationship between the team and Kovac was improving"

Sport1: What do you trust in Kovac in the second year of Bayern?

Hermann: It is normal to become a teacher. But getting a double is extraordinary. The triple would be even better. But it also has a good starting position thanks to the double. He has also won the trophy twice and now knows exactly how it works. It will not be easy for Bayern, as other clubs have improved. Bayern will give service, but there is still something to do, I am sure.

Sport1: There are many discussions about Hasan Salihamidzic's work. How do you see your role?

Hermann: He is very hardworking and understands soccer. I think he does it well. He also has his part in the fact that FC Bayern last season could enter twice. With Brazzo you could always talk good of who is good or bad. Also Callum Hudson-Odoi (player of Chelsea who wanted with Bayern, d. Red). I did not know, but later I saw it on video. He is a very good player. In Bayern, however, I never interfere with transfers. In Düsseldorf, however, I made sure that, for example, Kaan Ayhan arrived. He is now a Turkish international.

Sport1: What do you think about your successor Hansi Flick?

Hermann: The Hansi is a very good option. He is the assistant coach of the world champion who has also played in Bayern. He also knows many players from the national team. With this story, it is ideal, because the players respect it. If things go well, you can certainly stay for a few years. But now he will have to go in and find out what Niko wants and how to get involved. The work is not only done in the field. But Niko is a coach who integrates his auxiliary trainers around. You can work well with the team.

Sport1: Congratulated Arjen Robben in the first part of our interview and regretted his retirement. Was the most professional person I've worked with?

Hermann: Yes, he was professionally tall. But you can not work in Bayern if you are not a professional. All of these are better professionals. This has also been seen during the last season, since with nine points behind it is not easy. You have finished there. But when the boys realized that something was happening, it was amazing what happened to the workout. The last few weeks I have enjoyed every workout. As they were trained and can play in small spaces, this was already an extraordinary quality. Of course, one is more punctual than the other. But in the field of play and in the training you have always done delivery. Also a James. They always wanted to play football and win. I always had to do the referee in training. This was not always easy …

So I laughed at Lahm with Guardiola

Sport1: Have you ever been involved?

Hermann: What do you thinklaughs)? At that moment, I told Philipp Lahm, who, incidentally, always thought it was great: "You know: next year things will be different because Pep Guardiola has a professional referee in Spain, what? How It's true? "Lahm asked, and I said," Yes. Do you think they may be abusing you? With out of play, it was always something like that.

Sport1: To what extent?

Hermann: It was not always easy when I had to whistle, but my out-of-control decisions were almost always correct. Thomas Müller has checked my decisions in the cabin, but often the monitor, because the training was recorded (river). Sometimes it was close, but it was always right. But Thomas and also Joshua Kimmich have always been excellent, who could not miss a game in training.

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Sport1: Why has FC Bayern passed a permanent youth player to the professional team?

Hermann: Because Bayern can get a superior quality. I have seen many young players who have formed here with us. Then, we took Alphonso Davies in the winter season, which had a very different quality from the players we had in our ranks. Of course, it was also a few more expensive euros. Davies is not easy either, but I am waiting for more possibilities. I think it's a great success if you remove players who come to the Bundesliga.

Sport1: Maxime Awoudja has changed to VfB Stuttgart. Adrian Fein at Hamburger SV. Did there players such as Thomas Müller or Holger Badstuber at that time?

Hermann: The players mentioned are good, but Toni Kroos, Müller and Badstuber were already the best players of the moment. But it was a little easier. At the head of the team it is not true that there are few. Because if a player is good, he has the opportunity of all coaches. David Alaba was also an exceptional talent. It has become one of the best defenders in Europe. By the way, there is the best option. With Franck Ribéry on the left side, it was crazy.

Earlier there were more controls for young players

Sport1: Did you specifically control young players as auxiliary coaches?

Hermann: In the past, players had to check the night if they were in bed at 10:00 PM. But at some point I stopped controlling the players. If someone is not at home in time, it is exactly as it is. If the morning is not delivered, you can not use it anyway. Then the fun also stops with me. At least that's the way it has been in recent years.

Sport1: You, like Leverkusen, are a fan of Kai Havertz.

HermannIf. The boy can play soccer. Everything seems so easy with him. Not after work or Maloche. That's football It is one of the best talents currently available. It's extraordinary. If I should leave Leverkusen, it would be nice to go to Bayern. You definitely have what you need.

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