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Football: Washington's Alek Smith smashed plum and fibula – American football


Shuffle injury in the NFL!

In the match between Washington Redskins and Houston Tekans (21:23), Redskins Quarterback Alek Smith (34) in the third quarter was downgraded by Houston Cornerback Kareem Jackson (30).

Smith attacks the tibia and the fibula in the attack. After a terrible scene, Smith is transported from the field, should be managed directly after the game and will be out to the end of the season.

Bitter for the Redskins: The main team was burdened with injuries this season over and over, he had to deal with several failures.

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Photo: DAZN

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They must attack the field: Washington's quarter-finals, Alec Smith Photo: DAZN

Washington Redskins remain the first in the NFC East Division despite six victories and four losses.

However, without Smith, it would be much more difficult to get to payoff.

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