Friday , July 1 2022

Forget it: Oliver Pocher shoots Angelina Pannek


Oliver Pocher (43) does not leave this setback uncommented. It’s no secret that comics like to make fun of one or another influencer; in fact, even the comedian built an entire TV show called “Pocher vs. Influencer.” Her latest victim is Angelina Pannek (29), because: He made a mistake in his own job title: it was a success for Olli.

As part of a question and answer session Instagram The wife of former bachelor Sebastian Pannek (35) explained that she has been influencing full-time for eight years, but with the term “influencer”, of all things, she made a small mistake: Angelina i forgot the “L” of the word. Then Olli shot one line after another in his story: “Hi Infuencer and Cotent Creator. I’m buying an L … And the job is hard to write too!” So far he has responded Angelina he is not yet in mockery of the self-proclaimed influencer terror.

In the past, Olli has clashed with several social media stars, and more recently faced former Monrose singer Senna Gamour (41). They fought Instagram about who was blocked by whom. Senna mock: “Oliver Mobber: What a Poisonous Dwarf.”

Angelina Pannek, August 2021

Instagram / angelina.pannek

Angelina Pannek, August 2021
Oliver Pocher

TVNow / Stefan Gregorowius

Oliver Pocher
Senna Gammour in September 2020
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