Sunday , June 26 2022

Google: Android apps can be used during the update


With the new API, Android developers will be able to ensure that users use more important updates for their application. Google introduced the API at the Android Developer Android Dev Summit Conference, including Techcrunch and The Verge.

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Therefore, developers should be able to show the full-form reference in the application for very urgent updates. This should allow users to update the application. Alternatively, the update can also be moved, for example, if no Vi-Fi network is available or the battery level is low. From the actual compulsion to the update, so there can be no question.

The application can be used for small fixes

For minor updates, users should be able to continue to use the app until the update is downloaded in the background. It is then played at the next launch of the application. There will be no interruption for updates.

Google should test the new API with some partners right now. When new features reach a broad market, it is currently not known.

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