Friday , May 14 2021

Google pixel: Night vision mode gives the light to dark – digital

Cameras with smartphones are barely usable in the dark – so far

Smartphones have released classic cameras in many situations: the quality of the photos is not the same, but it's enough for many ordinary users not to carry a heavy camera. In two cases, however, smartphones are still in the dark: classic lenses zoom in on remote objects, and in low light they get far more than the image.

With a night vision mode, Google wants to allow smartphone users to take photos that are useful even in the dark. Other manufacturers such as Oneplus and Huawei have developed similar characteristics.

Night vision Google will only activate in the coming days only on Pic's Google devices. SZ was comparable.

Both photos were taken with Picasso 2 KSL at dusk in Alster in Hamburg. The bottom picture of the motif is barely recognizable, the wall of tones in the dark. Night vision mode (above) reveals many details without exaggerating a better area.

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