Friday , October 7 2022

Harlei-Davidson introduced his first e-bike


Harlee Davidson emphasizes that the e-bike will have extremely strong brakes, including ABS and traction control. Probably because Livevire will be extremely difficult with its battery. How much e-bike actually delivers scales has Harlee Davidson which are not mentioned in the presentation. Not even Harlee Davidson The range and capacity of the battery device.

Market launch in 2019

The instrument display is a touch screen, on which the driver can control and control music, navigation and Bluetooth devices. The Livevire battery can be charged with a conventional mains socket or with type 2 chargers.

Liveviere should only be the beginning of the production line. Because he wants by 2020 Harlee Davidson entire portfolio

electric motors to offer, as called for in the show.

From January, Liveville can be ordered in advance. Then there should be price information. The first models will be delivered next year.

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