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Horst Seehofer: In the first discussion, he pulls out the ripcord


Dani Horst Seehofer as head of CSU are numbered. In the next few weeks, he wanted to resign. The same holds true for his office as Minister of the Interior, who no longer wanted to continue without a party function.

When the 69-year-old announces this on Sunday night in a small circle of top CSUs, the participants in the room on the first floor with dead silence "prevail" are prevalent. None of them are tone, as many have been waiting for this statement. Thus, in the end, Seehofer himself, who completes silence, is himself, for he simply speaks objectively.

"2019 will be the year of the CSU renewal"

Even if the exact day of Seehofer's resignation is not yet certain, his publication is just a milestone. Not only for the CSU, who has formed Seehofer more than anyone else in the last ten years, even for the CDU, with whom he publicly debated political content as none of them. And, of course, for the whole big coalition, which, because of the Seehofer, has been in dead water several times.

"2019 will be the year of renewal for CSU," several participants quoted Seehofer after the meeting. For a party whose member was 47 years old and for which he has been working for almost 40 years in prominent positions, he now wanted to add his "contribution to the good future". These sentences, which sound selflessly and voluntarily, preceded the power struggle that is also impressive for CSU relationships. Not only from the party's bankruptcy in the state elections in mid-October, but also because of the repeated loss of an absolute majority in the parliament of the Bavarian Parliament, a year earlier, the CSU was a rampant dispute over the future of the Seehofer.

Hin and Her Seehofers cost credibility

Overview: 2017. CSU collapsed in the general election to 38.8 percent. Many in the party are responsible for Seehofer's episode, specifically on his handling of Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy (CDU). After several months of fighting and criticizing Merkel's asylum policy for all purposes, he vehemently ordered the party to agree with the CDU in the year before the election. This back-and-forth, according to many Christendomes, the credibility of the party has damaged and defeated its voters.

After Seehofero was able to save himself a year ago by separating his top offices, he now pulled out the ripcord. If he also wants to give up his position in the federal government, he can be described as consistent. Seehofer's decision-making, but also the practical design of his work, would be important: as a minister of the interior without a parliamentary mandate and without party compensations, he would not rely solely on Merkel's sympathies in the Bund, the internal party Seehofer would largely depend on his successor. And that's probably going to be called Markus Soder.

Seehofer wants to explain it over the week

When Seehofer leaves the party headquarters in Munich on Sunday night at 8 pm, he does not want to tell a journalist who is waiting outside the door of all this. He just tells them he will stay with the time he has set up, and he will make a statement later on Sunday. This is not wrong, but that's only half the story.

Not only will his party critics now watch closely when and what Seehofer will announce in the coming days. A few days ago, it was flirting with the fact that only three sentences with the CSU's press releases should be issued as a party leader. Probably the date necessary for CSU's special day party at the beginning of 2019.

Soder said he was silent during the entire session

Otherwise, Seehofer said he was very upset about implementing in mid-December. He continues to make that decision himself, saying that he was silent. Of course, it will not change anything in the result and will not play a role in the congress.

If something dramatically does not happen, Seehofer's eternal rival Soder will climb to the throne. There was nothing to be heard for that evening. According to the participants, he did not say a word at the meeting.

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