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Idar-Oberstein: SPD and FDP complicit AfD in acts of violence: relativization of the Union


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After the attack on Idar-Oberstein, more and more details about the author are known. Several parties are now complicit in the AfD.

Update from Thursday, September 23, 2021, at 8:30 a.m.: Following the assassination of the gas station cashier in Idar-Oberstein, more and more details about the perpetrator are known (see update from 1:20 p.m.). In addition, other politicians comment on the act. Several national politicians have blamed the AfD on the German publishing network for the radicalization of the so-called side thinking scene. “The AfD is the top agent of political radicalization in Germany,” said Konstantin Kuhle, a spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group’s internal policy.

Ute Vogt, national political spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, made serious allegations against the alternative for Germany: “Since entering the German Bundestag, the AfD has contributed significantly to the huge increase in hatred and “agitation in the streets and on social networks,” he stressed.

Idar-Oberstein: FDP and SPD see complicity in AfD – Union relativized

Mathias Middelberg, internal political spokesman for the Union’s parliamentary group, put AfD’s criticism into perspective: “It’s too easy to look for the reasons for this horrible act with AfD alone.” However, the party contributes to a strong polarization of society with its “targeted provocations,” so does Middelberg. The confessed suspect had been surrounded for years on social media by violent fantasies and right-wing ideas (see update from 9am).

+++ 1.20 pm: The alleged perpetrator of Idar-Oberstein was not known to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. This was stated by Malu Dreyer, Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, on Wednesday afternoon. According to Dreyer, authorities are currently investigating how the 49-year-old boy managed to grab an unnoticed weapon.

As for violent fantasies and right-wing ideas, which the 49-year-old confessor spread on Twitter and other platforms before the event (see update from 9am), the prime minister went say “Internet is not legal” Security authorities would oppose hatred and unrest taking place on the Internet, Dreyer said.

Editorial team correction: In an earlier version of the article we reported that Prime Minister Dreyer had said the shooter was known to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Dreyer, however, had denied it.

Sorry for that mistake.

Updated as of Wednesday, September 22, 2021, at 9:00 a.m .: The alleged author of Idar-Oberstein probably spread right thoughts and violent fantasies on the Internet for years. This is shown by the research of the think tank “Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy”. As a result, the 49-year-old came into contact with tweets from AfD accounts. “The alleged perpetrator shares right-wing channels, Trump says, believing climate change is a lie,” the institute said on Twitter.

Numerous people left expressions of mourning and flowers at the crime scene and lit candles.

© Birgit Reichert / dpa

As reported by ZDF, the alleged perpetrator is said to have been in contact with AfD politician Björn Höcke. According to the report, she was contacted about the right-wing terrorist attack on Halle and described it as “not a coincidence”. “I liked and retweeted the account, especially with legally opened accounts, for example Hans-Georg Maaßen, Boris Reitschuster and Hartes Geld,” he continues.

Idar-Oberstein: The alleged perpetrator spreads violent fantasies and right-wing ideas

He also spread violent fantasies: “I am longing for the next war. Yes, it may seem destructive now, but we can’t get out of this spiral, “the 49-year-old once posted on Twitter. In addition to right-wing ideas, he was also very critical of the Crown’s measures in Germany. Zeit Online reports that the 49-year-old wrote on LinkedIn’s professional portal that wearing a mask made him “breathe restricted.” first interrogations by the police.

Update from Tuesday, 21/09/2021, at 11.00 hours: After a 49-year-old man shot a 20-year-old student gas station attendant in the head, the hatred spread on social media. This is how right-wing extremists defend the author, who is said to have simply “fed up”. Berliner Tagesspiegel reports that the Telegram chat channel of right-wing extremist conspiracy narrator Sven Liebich is full of messages defending the shooter’s act.

“If it hits the right people, I don’t care,” should be a user’s reaction. And he goes on to say, “There is no pity. You always annoy people with mask shit. One day someone goes crazy. Well so. ”The perpetrator had given the police as the reason for his act that he did not want to wear a crown protective mask.

Flowers, candles and messages to the victim are found at a gas station in the center of I Idar-Oberstein. An employee was shot dead by a gunman on September 18, 2021.

© Thomas Frey / dpa

Gas station attendant shot dead in the head; the shooter’s weapon is not legal

Meanwhile, according to the prosecutor, the investigation will take a few more weeks. “We need to have a clear picture of ourselves now,” Chief Attorney General Kai Fuhrmann said on Tuesday (21/09/2021) in Mainz. During this time, the authority does not want to issue any “water level report” on the state of the investigation. “The refinement of research is only really beginning now.”

Researchers expect more clarity in the evaluation of man-confiscated electronic devices. Fuhrmann declined to provide any information about his life situation during the ongoing investigation. Police have never seen a man anywhere, not even as a participant in a demonstration. “He had no legal ownership of the weapons.” Where they came from is still unclear.

The man kills the gas station attendant (20) with a shot to the head, because he did not want to wear a crown mask

First report on Monday, September 20, 2021 at 8:15 p.m .: Idar-Oberstein: is a brutal crime that shakes Rhineland-Palatinate. In Idar-Oberstein, the young employee of a gas station advised the customer to wear a mask and refused to buy anything. The man returned a little later and shot the 20-year-old student who worked at the gas station with a gun.

The 49-year-old author was so upset by the situation after being turned down for buying beer that he pocketed a revolver at home and returned to the gas station to provoke the 20-year-old salesman, Chief Prosecutor Kai said Fuhrmann. the act.

Idar-Oberstein: gas station assistant fired “without hesitation”

When the young student, who worked as a temporary worker at the gas station, again pointed out the mask requirement on his second visit, the 49-year-old fired at the cashier “specifically in the head,” Fuhrmann said. The victim died immediately. The man carried out the act “without hesitation.” He was clear he had killed the employee. An arrest warrant for murder on the suspect was issued in the Bad Kreuznach district court. He was arrested on urgent suspicion of murder.

The alleged perpetrator confessed to the fact. As for the reason, he stated that the situation of the Corona * pandemic was a heavy burden for him. He felt pushed into a corner and “saw no other way out” than to set an example. Fuhrmann said the victim felt “responsible for the general situation, as he had applied the rules.” The alleged perpetrator stated that he rejects the crown measures.

According to the investigations carried out so far, the 49-year-old had entered the sales room of the gas station without a mask at 8 pm on Saturday (September 18, 2021) and had placed two packets of six beers on the counter register. He later said he forgot the mask. The cashier pointed out the mask requirement to the man, so he left the room and secretly threatened his hand.

Idar-Oberstein: The suspect returned and provocatively removed the crown mask

Around 9:25 p.m., he reappeared at the gas station; this time he wore a mask, grabbed another pack of six beers and went to the cash register. “There he took his mouth and nose out,” Fuhrmann said. The cashier had again advised the man to meet the mask requirement: the 49-year-old pulled a revolver out of his trouser pocket and shot the 20-year-old employee.

Then the author fled on foot. A large manhunt at night initially yielded no results, he said. Because there were recordings from surveillance cameras, police were able to quickly post a photo of the man and start a public manhunt. Due to the danger posed by the gunman, police had warned not to take hitchhikers in the Ifar-Oberstein area.

On Sunday morning (September 19, 2021), the suspect appeared in front of the Idar-Oberstein police station, accompanied by a woman, where he was detained by special forces. “Suppose he wanted to surrender,” Trier police chief Friedel Durben said. “This is certainly a special case: we had no act at the Trier police headquarters or in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate that suggests a connection to the Crown.”

Killing a gas station: “A very incredible and terrible fact that happened here in Idar-Oberstein”

“This is a terrible and incredible fact that happened here in Idar-Oberstein,” said Mayor Frank Frühauf (CDU). This can also be seen in the great concern of the local people. Many would have deposited flowers and wreaths at the gas station. “Such an act cannot be compared to anything. It will take a while to process it, ”he said.

According to the information, the suspect comes from Idar-Oberstein, as does his victim. He has not yet appeared with police. During searches of his apartment, investigators found the killer weapon, as well as other firearms and ammunition. According to police, the origin of the weapons has yet to be clarified.

Information on whether the suspect was active in the midst of crown skeptics and conspirators * was initially unavailable. Journalist and scene expert Julius Geiler wrote on Twitter’s short message service: “For a year and a half, many colleagues dealing with the issue have warned of a radicalized crown movement” (Tvd / ktho / tu with dpa / AFP ) * is an IPPEN.MEDIA offer.

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