Friday , October 7 2022

Is there a N64 Classic Mini? This shows Nintendo ⊂ · ⊃


For some time, the rumors continue, Nintendo could immediately bring the N64 Classic Mini to the market. In the end, it was said even that the announcement should take place in November 2018, and launch by the end of the year.

Those who look forward to playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and other classic pre-loaded on the N64 Classic Mini will now be quenched Reggie Fils-Aime: The CEO of Nintendo America told Kotaku that the release of the retro console is not planned in the foreseeable future.

Retro playing via online service

Nintendo's first two classic consoles were a temporary opportunity for the company to bridge the gap between Vi and U's Nintendo Switch. "Even if they are users [das N64 Classic Mini] we have to look [Retro-Konsolen] as temporary business opportunities, "said Fils-Aime, adding that access to retro games will increasingly be provided through the paid Nintendo Switch Online service.

Many of the N64 classics, such as the "Zelda Legend: Ocarina of Time", are not available at this time at least at this time. The current selection is limited to the titles originally published for the NES. However, there is little reason to hope: when asked if definitely the N64 Classic Mini will not be released, Reggie Fils-Aim replied: "I would never betray something."

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