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Klan boss for attacking and threatening in court: Now run Abou-Chaker prison – Berlin


Berlin – District Court Tiergarten. Call the file number 274 Ds 124/18. Defendant: Arafat Abou-Chaker (42). Dark blue shirt, jeans, Nike shoes. Two of the best (and most expensive) lawyers in Berlin as defense counsel.

The head of the shameless family clan smiled. The prosecution speaks about its clan of organized crime and mafia. Arafat himself was able to a great extent preserve his criminal record (see below). Arafat Abou-Chaker's review was headed by Rupelrapper Bushido (40). It was only in March 2018 that a renowned millionaire announced the separation.

Red warnings at the Arafat trial: Hamburger Gitter in front of room 101, the transfer of viewers is copied, and dozens of judiciary are in action. The accused must be examined.

Prosecutor Dirk Eckert read the indictment. Allegedly: an attack and a threat to the home at Spandauer Damm, fingers in the eyes of the sting, death threats, headache in the face, nose break. Crime scene: physiotherapy practice. The clan should be such a partner. Tatzeit March 7, 2018. The defendant is threatened with imprisonment of up to five years. Arafat Abou-Chaker was silent.

Janitor (49) says: "I did not file a complaint, I was not with the doctor, we were in charge of the matter, they did it with people." Later, the police ordered me to say that Arafat called me, "I was stunned," he said.

Defender: "Mr. Abou-Chaker did not show it."

Prosecutor: "That's right. There was an official announcement."

The case against the guardian has so far been suspended. The case against Arafat Abou-Chaker does not.

Referee: "Do you recognize the accused?"

Janitor: "Right now! In the lobby I have radio tiles. I stood with him from the back, I did not see him." He said, "What's happening in Germany, why did not nobody welcome me here?" Then I say, "Hi, what do you want, just continue . "He wanted to get together right away, then take the elevator to physical practice to clarify it with the boss, he put two eyes in the eye, I was blind for a moment, move me to the left, I had a few bumps, a broken head, he was broken. He threatened: "This man does not have to live, I kill him!"

Physiotherapist (28): "When I came to this, Arafat already had a bloody nose. The chief of the exercises held men. The host puts his hands over his face, Arafat strikes him."

Referee: "Was the accused a patient like any other person?"

Physiotherapist: "No. He came often and received appointments the way he wanted it. As for recipes, I do not know." He used a personal refrigerator. "

The Receptor (21), and the police are still an important witness, says: "What I said to the police then, I can not confirm today, and in fact, I did not see anything."

Judge: "Was someone in the circle of the accused approaching you?"

Receptionist: "No."

Coach Vedat C. (47) completely denies the statement. His lawyer: "For two years, there have been two preliminary investigations of fraud fraud and weird payments, and the practices of partners and businesses have been searched. He does not even say if he knows Arafat at all."

The judge sentenced a fine of 500 euros to Vedat C., alternatively five days in jail. The process will continue on November 23. On December 7, the verdict should be pronounced.

Witnesses return statements

Arafat Abou-Chaker (born 1976) has entered the court register in Berlin since 1991, but he has not been convicted.

In 33 cases, the Prosecutor's Office in Berlin investigated it, all proceedings were terminated for lack of evidence or were terminated by acquittals. Often, the stressed witnesses have withdrawn their statements or suddenly can not remember anything in court.

In May 2016 and November 2017, heads were assigned to the head of a clan for two offenses in traffic.

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