Monday , April 12 2021

Laura Müller: first photographic sign of life since Christmas: it has changed

She was around Laura Müller for a long time, now she’s back on Instagram.

© Instagram Screenshot / Laura Müller

For a long time she was quiet about Laura Müller on social media. Now, Michael Wendler’s wife is completely different on Instagram with a new look.

Fort Myers: Since Laura Müller’s husband Michael Wendler was blocked on Instagram, the 20-year-old influencer has also been held back with her social media activities. Laura Müller hasn’t published anything yet. The last sign of life: an image with Michael Wendler in front of a Christmas tree with Christmas greetings.

Laura Müller: Selfie: with a new beauty operation?

He now reported with a self-portrait, though it looked completely different than expected. In the meantime, has there been a beauty procedure? The nose looks narrower and the lips look fuller. The solution: no, it’s probably just an Instagram beauty filter that’s supposed to “perfect” your face. In addition, the nose becomes narrower and the lips are modeled more in selfie mode. Some freckles are also conjured. These beauty filters are popular with influencers, but they are also repeatedly criticized for promoting a socially manifest beauty ideal that does not correspond to reality.

Laura Müller: “Howdy” Instagram-Fans!

But one more detail stands out in the photo of Laura Müller, who only signs with the word “Howdy”: her clothes. He wears a golden cowboy hat with shiny stones, white jeans and a blouse and cowboy boots that go with the hat.

Laura Müller: Despite the negative headlines, there is no separation

Why she has been very quiet about the influencer lately is probably due to the many negative news out there about her and especially her husband Michael Wendler. At least since Michael Wendler left DSDS, countless negative news about her husband has also had an impact on Laura Müller’s career. Many cooperation partners terminated their advertising contracts not only with the Schlager singer, but also with Laura Müller. You can now dare to start all over again with your posts. Still, Laura Müller still seems to be happy with Michael Wendler; in his stories he occasionally gives small visions of his private life, such as a dinner together. (jh)

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