Tuesday , July 5 2022

Leipzig: People try to avoid deportation – the police in action


Leipzig police had to retreat Tuesday afternoon to the city: there, "many people gathered to avoid the legal deportation of a person," as he told the sajona police on Twitter. It had been scheduled for 20.30.

First, a group of about 30 people have opposed deportation and blocked the operation, a German police spokeswoman at the German press agency said. Subsequently, a spontaneous agreement was presented in which some 500 people had participated.

The meeting officially ended at 1.30 a.m., the police said. After that, they threw bottles and beer stones and the police used pepper spray. At around three o'clock it was said then to the Twitter accountThe situation has calmed down.

According to reports, green politician Jürgen Kasek was present at the demonstration on Twitter, which wrote: "The situation is increasing, the bottles fly by air and throw gases to the air." A photo showed how the street was blocked with sofas and other furniture. According to Kasek, several people were injured. Also the left politician Marco Böhme he wrote On Twitter, there have been injuries. No details are known.

The man trying to deport was removed: he was "out of the city," the police wrote. Where it is now, the officials did not communicate.

The "Leipziger Volkszeitung" reported that about 500 people had tried to avoid deportation and, among other things, they called: "We are here, we are very strong because they rob our neighbors." The newspaper quotes Kasek saying that the man is a Kurdish Syrian who entered Spain and is now flying to the EU country.

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