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Lidl unlocks Aldi, Edeka and Rewe with a very sassy video


Image: lidl facebook / getty images / watson montage

Shameless advertising campaign: Lidl tells Aldi, Edeka and Rewe with a video

Lidl has surpassed her with her new ad campaign. Recently, the discounter posted on his Facebook page a video that his competitors like Aldi, Edeka or Rewe should know:

We're a little bit happier than you. (Because it's cheaper, of course.)

Apparently, the Lidl student has put aside the video: at least that's what the title suggests "Praktikant_Video_V7_final.wmv".

Here you can see the Lidl video:

The father of Lidl is clear

However, the video itself has word games on the level of couples-jokes – and that's just fun for that. Other supermarket chains are moving away. He says, for example:

"Lidl is worth it, the other ALDI are more expensive."

Or also:

"The most expensive would be EDEKAdent."

Or here, one of our favorites:

"Outside Lidl. The rest is unreal."

The rest of supermarkets and discounts have not commented on side effects. Let's see if they can counteract so quickly.


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