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Meghan with Prince Harry: unpleasant criticism of dressing, but no one paid any attention


Meghan and Prince Harry on the red carpet: but many fans criticize the dress of the Duchess. Now, however, those of 37 years are surprised with a warm gesture and with a detail.

Update from July 17, 2019: For a long time, fans had to wait for the first official appearance of Duchess Meghan after the birth of Baby Archie. Walking on the red carpet in a movie premiere in London, Meghan split the minds of many fans. Especially the dress of the pretty actress was critical. However, as Gala now reports, the most magnificent detail of the Duchess was ignored by the eyes of many fans.

While the robe of the newly married mother was worth about 4,000 euros, Meghan put his dress and jewelry to the bottom completely. As British media have discovered, pending discs are the "Oui Oui Diamond and Black Enamel Oct Earrings" by Nikos Koulis. For the connoisseurs of the real fashion, an absolute dream. Because the small diamond with more carats costs a total of 12,200 dollars.

Will the fans of the duchess be resentful of the good lifestyle? Because, although the Duchess had an absolutely impressive appearance in the premiere of the film, the 37-year-old is a frequent critic. It is said that even her nanny scares the former actress regularly.

Update of July 16, 2019: The criticisms of duchess Meghan simply do not slow down, the 37-year-old is regularly criticized for his behavior. After his first official appearance after the birth of Baby Archie, many fans criticized the dress of the beautiful actress.

But despite all the criticisms, many fans especially celebrate an afternoon meeting in London. The duo Meghan and the mega-star Beyoncé met in the middle of the red carpet. "A queen meets the other" shows an enthusiastic fanatic of the spontaneous meeting of women of power. And the two seemed to be quite one for each other. They greeted London with a warm hug.

The duo Meghan and Beyoncé are by chance on the red carpet.

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Both couples even talked about children. Beyonce (37) said about the little Archie of Meghan and Harry: "The baby is so beautiful. We love you, people!". Jay-Z, 49, advised the two royals: "Always find time for yourselves."

Harry and Meghan on a red carpet: for this dress, the duchess must take public criticism

Original article from July 15, 2019: It's been almost two months since the birth of Baby Archie, and now the duchess Meghan and her prince Harry first appeared on the red carpet of a premiere movie. Both of them visited the European premiere of the remake of Disney's "Lion King" in London. While the 37-year-old was transmitted with her husband to the race, many fans especially criticize the dress of the Duchess.

A few days ago, the Duchess criticized Wimbledon's visit. Duchess Camilla showed Baby Archie's mother how she behaved better.

Duchess Meghan breathes an elegant dress, but fans practice criticism

While the 34-year-old man crossed the red carpet with timeless black tuxedo, Meghan chose a simple black night outfit. It is said that almost 4,000 euros cost the elegant clothes of the duchess. With a strictly bounded foot, the 37-year-old man completed his team. The happiness of the mother was formally observed in the old actress. While the couple spent an apparently relaxed afternoon, fans criticize especially the selection of beautiful brunette dresses.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were very smart.


One day after the premiere of the movie, Druz published a large number of comments on the Duchess on the Twitter platform. Almost no one likes the bright appearance of the 37-year-old boy. In the critique it is mainly the dress selected. "His dress is too tight. It looks like it will soon burst", "The moment when the dress you ordered does not fit" and "the feminist Meghan Markle wants to integrate with this costume at all costs" can be read there.

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