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Mia Julia at the clinic! "The doctors decided to take me to the hospital"


Mia Julia on her Instagram photo.

© Mia Julia at Instagram

Ballermann's star and former erotic actress Mia Julia talked to the clinic to talk. Your fans are worried.

Munich – Again fans of Mia Julia are worried. As she announced in Instagram on Monday, she is in the clinic. "I thought that during the night from Friday to Saturday I got a flu, because I have chills, fever and pain in the body … Then there was spasmodic pain in the stomach …" she says. "The doctors decided to take me to the hospital immediately to carry out all the necessary checks. Unfortunately, I have not completed the investigations and can not say more … Waiting and drinking the nasty things are now announced … But I feel in good hands reserved. he likes hospitals? "

Her fans are in her mind. "All right," they write. "Do not let him down … and take care of your body!"

Recently, Cora Schumacher of the hospital also worried her fans.

Article from April 10, 2017: Collapse! So, it's a Mallorca star Mia Julia

The most important thing in advance: Mia Julia (30) NOT suffered burnout. Peter Bruckner, husband and manager of the Mallorca Star, have asked to get rid of this presentation.

After performing in Niederkassel (NRV), a mild infection of the Mia Julia infections deteriorated. She was hyperventilating due to a very long program and she was short of respiratory stress. But this is over. Peter Bruckner emphasized in the phone call that Mia Juliet was at home and slept a lot, but was not worse than other people with a cold.

Already on Saturday, Mia Julia turned her live video on Facebook to her fans to thank and thank her for their great support. Her colleague Mallorca Villi Herren has posted a video in which Miji wants everything best and animated the audience of fans at the Majorcan Upper Bavaria club on a recovery song.

Peter Bruckner still wants to remain open about what will happen to the performances of Mia Juliet. However, there is currently nothing against her being able to perform on Sunday at Munchner Nachtgalerie. A 100 percent statement can only be made at the end of the week.

Mia Julia has long been Mia Magma in the adult film industry and now makes her second career an erotic pop singer. He's coming from the district.


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