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New heat record for June: it was almost 40 degrees


Even early in the afternoon it was clear: 30.06 so hot. It was not yet a day in June in Germany. More than 38 degrees were measured in several cities. The hottest was 39.6 degrees in Saxony-Anhalt.

That this month of June was the most intense since the beginning of the meteorological records in Germany, it was already Friday. It is now clear: even the last day of the month, temperatures in many parts of the country have increased again to historic levels.

At 15:30, 39.3 degrees in Bad Kreuznach in Rhineland-Palatinate were measured, more than ever in a month of June in Germany. An hour later, this value was exceeded. Bernburg / Saale in Saxony-Anhalt had been 39.6 degrees Celsius, German Meteorological Service DWD said.

The previous record of June 1947 had fallen only last Wednesday, which measured 38.6 degrees in two places: Coschen, Germany and Saxon Bad Muskau.

The athletes break in the heat

Especially for participants of sporting events, heat was a serious problem. In the Hamburg Half Marathon, several runners collapsed at temperatures up to 35 degrees. 141 participants had to be taken care of, of which 57 were transferred to hospitals. The Fire Rescue Coordination Center had raised the "emergency alert with mass casualties of wounded".

Even the hottest was the Ironman in Frankfurt am Main, where even the main participant, the American Sarah True, collapsed 900 meters from the finish. Frankfurt is one of the big cities where maximum temperatures of more than 38 degrees were measured. According to the DWD website, this value was exceeded in Mannheim and Berlin.

However, the historic record for 2015 has not yet been reached. At this time, 40.3 degrees were measured in Kitzingen, Bavaria.

Cooling next week

There will be some cooling during next week. On Tuesday, temperatures will be lower than 30 degrees. To the north and to the south, there is also rain after a long drought, some storms.

Days like this Sunday continue to fuel the debate on climate change. Although individual weather events do not allow conclusions about climate change, its accumulation is very good. And here the facts are clear.

"A clear sign of climate change in the long term"

In the middle of the twentieth century, there was an average of four days in the year, when temperatures in Germany rose above 30 degrees, according to the climate researcher Mojib Latif of the Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research, with reference to DWD data. "2018 was more than twenty days".

Climate expert Christian Franzke of the University of Hamburg confirms: "In Germany we have a temperature increase of about 1.5 degrees of average annual temperature since 1881." Worldwide, according to the World Weather Organization (WMO), the last four years have been the warmest since the records began. The heat registers are "a clear indication of long-term climate change".

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