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NFL: Teammates sees Alec Smith injuries, kneel and pray



Shock in the NFL Players see injury, kneel and pray

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Terrible injury to the NFL

In the match of Washington Redskins vs. Houston, quarter-finals Alek Smith suffers a terrible injury. After complying with the rule, it must be propagated by a break from the head and fibula from the square.

The terrible scene surpasses the NFL game day. Alex Smith, the defending player of Washington Redskins, is badly injured. The eyewitnesses turned. Pictures resemble "the most shocking moment in the history of the NFL".

, CRoosevelt Roullier is the center on Washington Redskins. He is not considered to be very delicate, on the contrary. But now, after this dramatic incident, Roullier may no longer look anymore. He said after a bad injury to his four-year-old Alex Smith, he would be rushing to video analysis to turn on the scene: "It hurts to see it."

It's clear that for the Smith season, the NFL will be prematurely finished. Fracture of the spikes and fibulae. How the boys in the morning are struggling with him shortly after Houstons J.J. Wad and Kareem Jackson rode Smith on their backs and looked at the right lower leg, some sank to their knees and began to pray.

"It breaks your heart," said Washington coach Jai Gruden. The scene is difficult to watch. Wad and Jackson joined forces with Smith, who caught him falling to the ground and his leg turned at right angles.

He tried to get up a bit, then turned to his back, dropped his helmet and buried his face in his hands. Because of the seriousness of the injury, his reaction was surprisingly calm, while he had to deal with pain.

The evil memories woke up in the NFL

It was 7:34 minutes before the end of the third quarter. The 34-year-old triple Allstar went down from the terrain with medicine carts, waved the confused audience. The last thing the cameras captured on him was the scene as he squeezed his straight hands and prayed. Maybe because his career is not over at this moment.

Washington lost 21:23 in the end and recalled one of the most expensive scenes in the history of the NFL that happened with the club exactly exactly 33 years ago.

On November 18, 1985, then Redskins' quota dealer Joe Theismann pulled out the same fractures. The injury that ended Theismann's career was declared the "most shocking moment in the history of the NFL" of ESPN viewers.

Theismann contacted Smith's violation through Twitter. "Just 33 years ago," he wrote, and shortly thereafter, "I'm so sorry." The winner of MVP and Super Bowl in 1983 was at the stadium against Houston. He said, "I turned around. I could not watch." The scene had "lush memories."

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