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Niko-Kovač-remains a question about FC Baiern praying – he already has doubts?


Kovač calls for unity, Kovač calls for discretion in Bayern. The fact that he must say something at all, let's look deep: a review of red fire.

  • After seven victories in the first seven competitive games, Schlendrium was silent, the motor of a record champion.
  • Poor performances and losses in the Bundesliga and Champions League have led to criticism of the team and coaches.
  • Niko Kovač took over at the beginning of the training season in Bayern, he came from Eintracht Frankfurt.

Baiern: Evil puzzles and promises – has a few leaks?

News of November 8, 2018, 9 am: Is it slipping the tongue or Niko Kovač knows more about this thing than he wants to admit? After a 2-0 success in the Champions League over AEK Athens, Baiern's coach asked journalists about the mood in the team and on the inside, who always find their way out of the dressing room for the public. One comment made her sit down and notice the announcement.

"They will laugh, but the climate in the team is very good," said Kovač za Ski. "The fact that things always come out is not just Baiern, they are exactly the same in other clubs, I think that's not good, and I think it should stop, I do not know what kind of benefit one has."

So far, so good, but then Niko Kovač is a little surprisingly accurate, but straightens right away. "If both … about the two I say already. It was the core of the language. If they get caught, they may be notified and I will talk to them."

Reporter Ski Patrick Vasserziehr did not want to ride on the slipping of his tongue, but the question still arises: does Kovač already know more?

Kovac: "It leaves me cold, I'm quiet"

Baiern with his patron Uli Hoeneß (66) likes to be a big family. As for their cohesion, Niko Kovac sounded before the game in Athens. "There were enough examples in history, whether it was Troy, whether it was Caesar. We have to stick together, from the trainee to the trainer," the coach asked. Caesar, who was released by members of the Senate, was killed at the age of 46, just before he was able to fight the arte of the enemy Parte. Bayern have surpassed – Borussia Dortmund – 47-year-old Kovac is on a Saturday in the 11th round of the Bundesliga, who has won little of his victory since yesterday.

In this way, the coach has freely breathed in the last few days. "Pressure is normal in the Bundesliga, it leaves me cold, I'm totally calm," Kovac said in the sky. "I do not know what's going on outside, I do not care. For me, what's going on in the team is important." But it's about ahead, Kovac has long lost the invaluable support of all players in his training design and his system.

Lothar Matthaus was responsible for the 2006/07 season as an assistant coach at FC RB Salzburg for player Kovač. "The performance is not correct, the results are not right," said Ski expert, who will be among the Munich's and even an unhappy temporary certificate by the end of his life "even Greenkeeper" (Patron Hoeneß). That Kovač will fall on Isar, a 57-year-old, but does not believe. Currently Baiern is not stable enough. Add to that bad luck that every shot is in it. At one point that stops, then Baiern will again deliver different results. "

Balancing on the Kovač's soul, which, in addition to its excursion to Roman history, focused on the lack of public support. Victory in Athens should bring "the necessary impetus" for the game of the nemesis. It was not the case, but it did not look like a betrayal.

Baiern Zoff for Prayer: A Kovach with sharp criticism

News of November 07, 2018, 15.30: In the meantime, Niko Kovač has to look at the newspapers with a worried look in the morning and hope that the internal affairs of FC Baiern will not be returned to the public. If she reads the papers at all. Again and again Kovac insisted on giving up if it did not work smoothly. There are no newspapers at the moment.

The innards are still in it, which has led Baierna coach to keep * propaganda of the cabin and warns his players of discretion and unity. How is this known? At least one player was neither discreet nor closed for Niko Kovac. With all the innards, you almost no longer know what was the first: an unrest or a bad way of playing a German champion. Almost like hen and egg.

It's almost irrelevant for Kovac under pressure. He must now deliver and surrender loudly * to a press conference before the match of the home league of the Champions League against AEK Athens (Wednesday, 21h, in * in a live tiker) a preacher in the direction of Bayern, but also according to the public on the need for cohesion. It is clear to him: if the brittle or mole does not rest, it is difficult to remove the current negative spirals.

Niko Kovač: Is the team still behind him?

It's not an easy task for Kovac. Before lighting a fire on the background of James Rodriguez or Lisa Muller comes around the corner and quickly pours a little oil. According to Spanish reports, James even wants to be forgiven even with Bayern in the winter. Also, with sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, he allegedly collapsed in Colombia.

Lisa Muller announced how * was following, her frustration after her husband's frustration at Instagram, great media attention is there for free at the top. In addition to Tomas Muller Kovov, Mats Hummels, Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben are also reportedly. Coach Ek-Baiern Carlo Ancelotti can sing a song about such rebellions on Sabener Straße.

All this in just a few weeks, when it was athletic before it was among the peoples of Munich. The Bayern cabin resembles dust bugs, but at the beginning of October it reported the painting from bad mood internally.

Niko Kovac: Warning on Actionism, Deterioration Deterioration

Kovač reiterated that he would not fall into actionism. To change something just to change something, a lot, but there is no improvement. Actually, the 47-year-old is just after the * in some Schlingerkurs has expired. First, Thomas Muller is "very, very important part of this club," which was then in seven matches at the start of the KSI only three times. It's similar to Jerome Boateng.

Along with all excuses to abandon both for their formalities: The coffin must be careful not to fall into the action, but at the same time make changes to finally get the FCB on the right path. Balance act.

The fact that Bayern's superiors Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeness in the summer Kovac loudly * put too small a composition under the nose, seems not only lighter. Also, the direct competitor for the Dortmund championship is currently playing as a rage, which exacerbates the situation for the former Frankfurter.

Niko Kovač talks about Troy and Caesar

Now we go back to the press conference before Athens. Almost comparable with the upcoming opponent, Kovac made a comparison with Troy and Caesar. Asked about many of the internals that were being carried out, he said: "Everyone has to decide for himself, if that's the case. We have enough examples in history, whether Troy, whether it was Caesar."

You do not have to be well acquainted in history to know that betrayal rarely ends with a happy ending. Kovač, too, must be deceived. The fact that the story from the cabin is repeated several times is terribly bothering him. His call: "We have to stick together. That's the whole thing. And to each of us, it does not matter whether it starts at the top or goes to the players in the coach and teammate: each of us is committed to doing everything we can to I would make the club successful. "

Because Niko Kovac knows: He needs urgency now in Bayern, which is only about unity. The only question remains is whether his players see it that way.


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