Monday , September 27 2021

Off after a single device: Injury drama about American superstar Biles

Off after a single device
Injury drama about American superstar Biles

American superstar Simone Biles is under pressure before the global final. He says the weight of the world is on his shoulders. On the day of the final, it only works on one device. It gets bad when you jump. She breaks the competition.

Gym superstar Simone Biles left the initial team stage of the Tokyo Olympics. The four-time U.S. Olympic champion broke her participation after the first device. The 24-year-old had previously received an unusually low score of 13,766 points for her jump.

He then left the lobby with the American team doctor, to whom he returned shortly after with a bandage on his right leg. On the second device, the uneven bars, Biles was replaced by Jordan Chiles, who was listed as a replacement for the initial roster. The exceptional gymnast would have to compete on all four machines.

Already in the standings last Sunday, Biles had not been able to meet the expectations presented to them. However, despite numerous mistakes, it was the best of the four battles between ground, balance bar, jump and unequal bars. On Monday he complained about the huge pressure on Instagram.

“It wasn’t an easy day or the best possible, but I did. I really feel like I have the burden of the world on my shoulders right now. I know I’m removing it and making it look like the pressure isn’t” It doesn’t affect me , but damn, sometimes it’s hard hahaha, “he wrote.

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