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Poor scale: "Die Us" dies of serial death?


Is it only a few weeks after a great sub-shock for the next death drama? Early in October, Dnevnik's fans collapsed from the clouds: Elli (Nora Koppen, 29) died unexpectedly in a hospital in a delayed pneumonia. Now the next character in the series looks like a bad game: in the restaurant Schiller Ute (Isabell Hertel, 45) it suffers an accident in a fatal situation. Will the seller survive a catastrophe?

OEMPreviev clip shows how Utes's accident will be dramatic next week: after the carnival season has been opened in Schiller, the Ute owner starts cleaning. As builder Benedict (Jens Hajek) she visits, there is a tangible discussion: She accuses the father of two, his love daughter Larissa (Linda King) not to be empathetic enough! The conflict is developing in a dispute with dramatic consequences: Ute falls from a high degree and the land does not check on the local floor! Can it be saved after a hard hit?

How severe the Utes injury is, does not reveal the review. But one thing is certain: The local owner is a real fighter! This has already been proven by Ute in earlier episodes. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she did not give up – but after successful tumor removal she managed to return to a completely normal life.

Benedict (Jens Hajek) and Ute (Isabell Hertel) in MG RTL D / Denis Aleksander HundPicture Gallery button
Benedict (Jens Hajek) and Ute (Isabell Hertel) at "Unter uns"
Benedict (Jens Hajek) with his daughter Larissa (Linda Konig) in MG RTL D / Denis Aleksander Hund

Benedict (Jens Hajek) with his daughter Larissa (Linda Konig) in "Unter uns"
Isabell Hertel, MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorovius

Isabell Hertel, "among us" actress

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