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PS5: Faceplates available again: dealership is back to Sony

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Sony recently withdrew a faceplate dealer from the market. But now the online store is back and provoking Sony again.

  • So far it’s the PS5 Sony only available in white.
  • Recently, a dealer has tried it several times, showy Side panels sell to Consoles to adjust the color.
  • After Sony released the file Distributors he has already sued, changed his name and is keeping himself and himself Side panels now for inviolable.

Updated January 21, 2021: While Game Armor apparently without ceasing to be so far Side panels for PS5 sold, another comes Distributors Come back from oblivion and start trying your colorful decorations again for the Consoles to the Fans lead to. Apparently he has Customize my plates through the warnings and demands of Sony Don’t get carried away and start over with another new, colorful name Side panels for sale.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Generation of consoles
Storage media Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

The company takes its name PlateStation 5 i Customize my plates it becomes even more cryptic and is now under the name CMP Shells return to the market. For starters, the supplier’s offer is quite limited and only consists of black Side panels for PS5. A pair of shells are priced at $ 49.99 and the first roll of 1,000 pieces sold out in one day. But this is so Advance reservationswhich only began in early March Fans should arrive.

CMP Shells it is true that a demand for Sony fails this time. On the one hand there is the patent of Sony still in progress and sales made prior to approval are inviolable. On the other hand, the patent would not prevent the company from doing so Side panels for PS5 for sale as own design of Sony it would not be replicated. The design of CMP Shells According to his own information, he should improve the original again and provide better ventilation.

First report of December 9, 2020: Tokyo, Japan – If there is a detail to which Fans the PS5 still annoying, it is often flat white color the new Sony console. Requests for a black or colored alternative were often basic Online retail store he took things into his own hands. For a short time there were homemade skins and Side plates for PS5 to buy, Sony but we quickly put an end to it all. Now another website has started, colorful Side plates sell and your trader is sure you are against it Sony above.

PS5: Colored side plates: with loopholes against Sony

A few months ago the place PlateStation5 color alternatives to whites Side plates the PS5 offered. After a forced rename activated Customize my plates hat Sony The company pulled the plug completely and sued the manufacturer for using patented properties. However, with the Game Armor dealership, a new challenge comes into play. The site is managed by a named content creator Cptn Alex and offers news Side plates for PS5 for sale in. Until now, they were available in three colors: black, blue and red.

At the moment, the new ones are working Side plates for PS5 in Game Armor for $ 35 and operator Cptn Alex sure he will be able to resell the fairing. On Twitter, a user asked the site if Sony he had not stopped these companies before. Cptn Alex to: “Apparently, it was for her [Seitenplatten] the PS logo and were sold with a name too similar to PlayStation.“Fent Game Armor He wants his products to be titled differently and without protected logos Distributors the club of lamentation of Sony bypass.

PS5: No patent infringement logo: Colored side panels are popular

Ob Sony it remains to be seen in this matter. Lots of Console manufacturer they are extremely petty when it comes to their products. For example, Nintendo, which acts vehemently against manufacturers of modders and unofficial accessories. It is possible that Sony wants to reserve the possibility of finding new ones in the future Side plates offer for sale or the PS5 to show more color variations. In any case, the demand is there, the last ones were Game Armor two of the three colors offered are already sold out.

PS5: Despite the ban on foreign side plates, the new dealer could get away with it

© Sony Interactive Entertainment / pixabay (Editing)

Other owners equipped with the PS5 they have already taken matters into their own hands Consoles redesigned at home. Some home-made console designs generate enthusiasm among fans, so a player has their Side plates in red and, based on Insomniac’s Spider-Man games, a large Spider-Man logo is placed on it.

Picture list: © Sony Interactive Entertainment / pixabay (Montage)

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