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Raspberry Pi 4: "Pi 4 really requires a fan"


Some amateurs certify the Raspberry Pi 4 even after the firmware update continues to be a disturbing residual heat. So Jeff Geerling, who even recommends an active fanatic for the artisan calculator. To show his concerns, he watched the Board of Directors SoC with a thermal camera. Even when idling, the system reaches 58 degrees Celsius. Without heat dissipator, the chip accelerates so that it is not overheated. The developer Jean-Lux Aufranc also discovered it.

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At about 80 degrees Celsius, the Pi 4 is reduced after Geerling's observations. You have the Linux tool for this stress-CPU 4 used At intervals of a second he could with the orders cgencm measure_temp i vcgencmd get_throttled observe the corresponding behavior.

For this reason, a small fan was drilled in the Pi 4 cover, available separately with a hole saw and a screwdriver. "Without ventilation, the Case case is a bit like a small plastic oven"write Connect the two connectors of the refrigerator to the GPIO interface of Pi 4: the red cable of the fan on the pin 4 of the board for a voltage of 5 volts and the black cable of the fan on pin 6 of the board for grounding.

After installing his improvised fanatic, the measures give corresponding results. The refrigerator requires 80 milliamps and rotates at a distance of 30 cm with a volume of 50 dB. However, in the same resistance test, the CPU is continuously cooled to 60 degrees, which makes the overheating null and virtually null. Geerling likes to use his artisanal calculator for intensive computer loads, such as Kubernetes clusters. Although the predecessor could still cool passively during normal operation, he is of opinion in the current model: "Pi 4 really requires a fan",

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