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Remorse: acquittal of the head of the Son of Clan to Tumult | regional


Ismail R. (21) goes Wednesday with acquittal of the court. His father, Issa Remmo, storms, but only triumphs and cries after his son was absent from the accused of being murdered.

Berlin – More than two years after a brutal baseball bat against then Ali O., 43, in Berlin-Britz, evidence of a condemnation is not enough, the district court set out Wednesday acquittal .

Now Remmo is completely appalling, but different from what I was expecting. The leader of the clan launches among the escort banks in room 701: "I will kiss the land of Germany!" Then he rages angrily: "Mr. Fiscal, I know – and all who work with you! Be exactly who it was! Mr. Fiscal, do not do it! You know from the beginning! I am a clean person! I have respect for the courts, for The police. I have respect for this country, but not for you, Mr. fiscal. I owe no one to anyone! "

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Now Remmo, head of the clan

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Relatives try to calm the manic. The judicial guard pushes to leave the room. "There is no violence!" He calls hysterically – the joy seems different. The judge records the incident: "This has consequences."

Meanwhile, the son of the clan chief is sitting rigid and rigid behind the bulletproof glass, as if it were not his business, even the relief seems different. Eight years and a half in prison, prosecutor Ralph Knispel demanded. He still considers that Ismail R. is guilty. It will challenge the acquittal. Then the Federal Court of Justice decides.

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I was accused in a previous trial

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Grounds for the track

Ismail R. was sent to the dock because the inside of the victim's pocket of the murder ensured DNA traces that were supposed to come from him.

It is said that one of the murderers sought the victim to find an old paycheck. It should have been through a lot of money. Presumably debts of the leader of the Issa Remmo clan starting from a land purchase. Son Ismail assures from the beginning: "I was not there at all!" The witnesses could not identify him, so the judge.

There is the DNA trace in your pocket. According to Richter, a "minimal and mixed track": "It's not clear how DNA came in the bag." Less trace, the more likely it is that it is an application called a secondary one: "The authors used gloves, the brothers of the R family were exchanged clothes. This is stressful in regard to the R. family." But not They submit to the condemnation of the accused brother Ismail.

The judge: "It remains an unpleasant taste. An inhuman act can not be clear. But this must support the rule of law."

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The body of Ali O. is transported by forensic scientists

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The brutal act

On May 17, 2017, Ali O. (43) is killed in the morning by men in front of his house at the Britzer Neumarktplan (Berlin-Neukölln). With a baseball bat. He had just taken his children to school. Ali O. belonged to a famous extended family of Arab origin known in Berlin. "A brutal act," says the judge. "But the lighting is not possible", they negotiated 14 months, they heard 80 testimonies.

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The judges had some clues about the family of 21, at least, but not for himself. For preventive detention from October 2017, the accused had to be compensated, the court said.

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