Friday , August 19 2022

Sony Xperia KSZ Premium and KSZ1 (compact) get Android Pie ⊂ · ⊃


Sonny obviously keeps the promise and has currently updated the Android Pie for KSZ Premium, KSZ1 and KSZ1 Compact. In the first regions, the update should already be available.

The update will bring the software to build the number 47.2.A.0.306, reports the Xperia Blog. In addition to Android Pie, it should also include a security clutch for October 2018. This may be an indication that Sony wants to update earlier for KSZ Premium and KSZ1 (Compact). However, the manufacturer may need some time to deal with the latest bugs.

Sonny issues mobile navigation

Among other things, the update will bring the new user user interface of Soni to KSZ Premium and KSZ1 (Compact). In addition, you should be able to record using the device after updating a Full HD movie with 960 frames per second.

Some Ksperia blog readers have apparently already installed an update on Android Pie on their Sony smartphones – and seem to be largely satisfied. The new interface of the camera is better and the advantage over speed over Oreo, writes in a comment. However, users are not satisfied.

Since all the features of Android Pie have obviously not been achieved by KSZ Premium and KSZ1 (Compact): Sony apparently did not implement a new gesture control. According to navigation, nothing changes. Sony Xperia KSZ2 and KSZ2 Compact have already received Android Pie in October 2018.

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