Monday , August 8 2022

Sophia Vegas Pregnancy: There was no conversation about anticipation at first


As expected, Sophia Vegas, a professional media company, is open in terms of her pregnancy. So their openness in the current Instagram post in no way surprised their fans and supporters, but their words already.

At the beginning, Sophia Vegas could not quite understand the joy

From the news about baby news, the TV star nursed her public siren. She publishes photographs of pregnancy and allows the world to participate in her happiness. But in her latest contribution, she directly admits: Her joy over the new life in her had to grow – unlike the father of the child, Daniel Charlier.

"When I told my friend that I was pregnant, I could not understand his incredible joy (and that, in short, … the whole restaurant and his closest friends did not understand my boyfriend within 5 minutes)," she admits. Quite understandably. Because the first child crawls from one day to the next in a new life, there is enough uncertainty waiting for the mothers they expect.

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In the meantime, their joy is enormous

But Sophia Vegas packed the expectation. She continues: "But now, with me, the realization and the incredible joy of our offspring begins, and it is incredible that it can come from deep love." Perhaps this is because her bug is finally clearly visible. Because weeks did not have much to see from the "usual" baby. It was just supposed to assume the stomach. It's great that it seems that everything fits in and Sofia can enjoy the most in her mother.


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