Tuesday , July 5 2022

Stay away from Stop Aids campaign draws another picture of positive HIV-news



The new Aids-Hilfe Schweiz campaign has everything. Unlike the last 30 years, the focus is not on AIDS prevention. Instead, HIV positive people should be stigmatized.

The fact that Aids-Hilfe Switzerland is actually crossing the corner with this campaign is clear from the new CEO Andreas Lehner: "This is not a Stop Aids campaign, but a campaign for HIV-positive." The goal is to reduce the general population that a person with HIV who works under functional therapy can no longer transmit the virus.

This is not a Stop Aids campaign, but an HIV-positive campaign.

The goal is to destigmatize HIV-positive people. People are still discriminated against and marginalized by the HIV virus, although medicine has made great progress over the past few years.

Normal life despite the HI virus

The aim of this campaign was to show that HIV-positive people can now lead almost normal life. "HIV positive women can become pregnant with therapy and give birth to children – today it is no longer a problem," says Lehner. There are also studies that show that these women may also be able to breastfeed.

For years, the population has entered the slogan "In the Minimum Rubber Drum", so that during a sexual relationship, a condom is used. Does the new campaign stop all this preventive activity, when suddenly it is announced that there is no longer any need for protection in sex with HIV-positive people? Lehner says no: "If you go to the discotheque on Saturday and maybe you have one night, take a condom with you. It's the easiest protection."

Condoms with the inscription «Love life»

The simplest protection is still a condom.

main principle

The classic anti-AIDS campaign "Love Life" continues. But just as important as prevention is just enlightenment. The fact that a new campaign can provoke is not an intention, but you accept, Lehner says. Because he knows: Only when discussed is the campaign is also noticed.

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