Friday , February 26 2021

The DAX exceeds 13,900: investors are torn

Market report

Status: 18/02/2021 09:42

German standard values ​​can maintain approximately their price level at the beginning of trading. But this development should not be overestimated. There are too many open questions.

Shortly after the start of trading, the DAX rose 0.3 percent to 13,948 points. Investors in the German stock market react to yesterday’s recovery in the last hour of trading on Wall Street. Previously, rising long-term interest rates made people willing to sell. The Japanese stock market has fallen slightly today. The Nikkei index, which comprises 225 stocks, lost 0.2 percent on Thursday to 30,236 points.

Stock markets are looking for direction, Commonwealth Bank analyst Carol Kong said. On the one hand, the additional state aid for the crown planned in the United States made some fresh air wait for the world economy. At the same time, investors are concerned about the spread of coronavirus mutants.

The incidence stagnates

According to the RKI, the number of new infections reported within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants (seven-day incidence) was slightly higher nationwide than the previous day (57.1). In previous days there had been no significant decrease in incidence. The federal and state governments initially aim for an incidence of 50. Openings, for example in retail, are only promised when the value reaches 35. In the foreign exchange market, the euro hovers around $ 1.2040 USA.

Oil prices are rising

The rise in oil prices continues. On Thursday, U.S. crude oil and North Sea oil prices rose again to one-year highs. Once again, oil prices were boosted by an extreme start to winter in the US, with huge disruptions in oil production in the US. Brent oil is priced at more than $ 65 a barrel (159 gallons).

Daimler earns much more

Car and truck maker Daimler survived last year much better than expected. The group made a profit of 3.6 billion euros allocated to shareholders, half more than the previous year. By 2021, Daimler is assuming a significant increase in sales, revenue and operating profits.

Decrease in profits at MTU

Due to the severe crisis in the aviation industry, engine maker MTU recorded a 14 percent drop in sales, to nearly four billion euros last year. Profit fell 70 percent to 147 million euros. Shareholders will receive a dividend of 1.25 euros per share. This year, the DAX member hopes to have better business again.

787 “Dreamliner” research organized

Boeing threatens new problems due to possible defects in the 787 “Dreamliner” long-haul. The U.S. FAA ordered inspections of about 222 aircraft Wednesday because there is a risk of damage to the decompression panels to separate the passenger area. According to the authority, the defect could have deadly consequences, for example, if air transport catches fire.

Billions lost on Airbus

Airbus recorded a loss of 1.1 billion euros last year due to the crisis in the aviation industry. This means that Airbus performed better than analysts expected. However, as in 2019, shareholders should give up a dividend by 2020. By 2021, Airbus chief Guillaume Faury aims to deliver as many aircraft as the previous year. The manufacturer had delivered 566 machines to its customers.

Thyssenkrupp does not reach an agreement with Liberty

The industrial group Thyssenkrupp ends talks with competitor Liberty Steel on the sale of its unpopular steel division. As Thyssenkrupp announced on Wednesday, ideas about the value of the company were far apart, the future viability of the steel business should now be assured on its own.

K + S is checked out of turn

The fertilizer and salt manufacturer K + S should allow auditors to inspect their books under pressure from financial control authority BaFin. MDAX announced that BaFin had commissioned the German Financial Reporting Office (DPR) to audit the consolidated financial statements as at 31 December 2019, together with the management report of the associated group and the financial statements. abbreviated as at 30 June 2020 together with the associated interim management report. The Board of Directors assumes that it may refute the indications of the BaFin. As a reason, BaFin informed FREP that there were “concrete indications” that “assets, especially fixed assets, could be too high,” he said.

Sales jump in Varta

Battery maker Varta increased its sales by 140 percent to 870 million euros last year. One of the reasons for this was the high demand for batteries for Bluetooth headsets. Adjusted operating profit increased 145 percent to 239 million euros. For 2021, Varta forecasts organic sales growth of up to 940 million euros and a clearly double-digit percentage increase in profits. The margin should increase by up to 30 percent.

Dow Jones with record, despite concerns about interest rates

On Wednesday, trading on US stock markets was quite inconsistent. The prospect of rising inflation after the possible end of the pandemic continued to cause nervousness. This expectation brought U.S. Treasury bond yields to ten years to a twelve-month high of 1.333 percent.

There is a general fear that rising interest rates in the US bond market will reduce the attractiveness of stocks. In addition, heavily indebted businesses and consumers, in particular, could have problems.

Recently announced retail sales in the United States, on the other hand, were well received, as the 5.3 percent increase was about five times higher than expected. “Obviously, the U.S. population has fallen victim to a frank consumer frenzy, which of course is helping the U.S. economy,” said Tobias Basse, NordLB’s investment strategist.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.3% to 31,613 points, a record high. Shares of Verizon and Chevron outperformed Warren Buffett. The wide S&P 500 left the market little changed at 3931 meters. However, the Nasdaq composite index fell 0.6 percent to 13,965 points.

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