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The first day updates more than 50GB in size


Fallout 76: Dai One updates over 50GB in size

November 10, 2018 at 11:07:

"Fallout 76" monitors a huge day one update that is greater than the actual game. It takes about 52 GB to load, as the PSU is running.

Next week, Bethesda launches "Fallout 76". However, between purchasing and your first game session is a huge obstacle. As the PSU reports, the first day of the patch is greater than the actual game.

Day One update is 52 GB

While "Fallout 76" has an installation size of about 45 GB, which is at least for the PS4 version, the Dai One patch comes to an incredible 52 GB. That's why you have to shovel almost 100 GB for installation on your console.

Download size is not that surprising given the huge "Fallout 76" card and the overall dimension of the game that many players recently tested in the beta phase. They left a lot of feedback that Bethesda wants to convert to improvements.

Dai One Update 1.01 is likely to be a forced update due to online targeting "Fallout 76" you will not be able to avoid. There are no official note notes so far, so it's not clear in detail what changes are made with updating to "Fallout 76".

Finds out of beta

The first part of the "Fallout 76" is likely to solve some of the problems discovered during the beta. In addition to presentations and performance issues, Bethesda wants to optimize different areas based on feedback.

Fallout 76: Ultra-Vide Support, but without FOV Slider-Bethesda on the changes

Bethesda stressed that feedback from beta "Fallout 76" was taken into account. At Reddit, the company brought a list with the planned change …

This includes call problems, correcting the hunger display, which fails during the beta, and also improves the sound reproduction, so that players no longer hear random shots. Here you can read our report on these plans.

"Fallout 76" will be announced on November 14, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can buy a shooter, among others, from dealers such as Amazon.

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