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“The Lord of the Forest” (ARD): A crime scene like the old days

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“The Lord of the Forest,” a Saarbrücken crime scene, as if it were a time when thick layers were applied and the clichés that should be buried today and are mostly buried were learned to run.

Almost exactly one year is between the broadcast of the first crime scene in Saarbrücken “The Worker Lieschen” (after which it was thought: well, let’s see) and now, on Easter Monday, the second, “The Lord of the Woods.” Hendrik Hölzemann, screenwriter, and Christian Theede, director, are once again playing with the desperate story of former school friends Leo Hölzer and Adam Schürk, who are reunited as chief inspectors after 15 years of radio silence. His story: Adam is repeatedly and severely abused by his father until Leo drops the man with a shovel, Schürk Senior is now in a coma – you may have forgotten him between April 2020 and April 2021, so there are a lot of flashbacks again.

The ARD crime scene “The Lord of the Woods” seems from the old days

Did we just write that “from now on” is in a coma? Incorrect. After 15 years, Roland Schürk, Torsten Michaelis, wakes up, is incredibly crazy and also the psycho he was before. On average, every 25 people are psychopaths, lecturing to their police partner (they don’t even know Roland Schürk at the moment); And this crime scene immediately provides evidence: because a psychopathic serial killer is out of the woods who has not, for the first time, massacred a young woman with an arrow and a knife as if it were a game and, according to the old man, according to custom. of the hunters, a twig is put in his mouth.

This crime scene seems like a bad time. As if from a time when there was a thick application and clichés learned to run, today it should be buried and for the most part they are buried. Hölzemann and Theede, as well as those in charge of the station, have also not realized that disguising women’s bodies, indulging in original methods of killing, blood and pain are no longer popular. Or they don’t care. By the way, is there a reason to show Jessica’s massacre back to detail at the end? Otherwise, wouldn’t the “resolution” be understood?

paper Actress
Leo’s forests Vladimir Burlakov
Adam Schürk Daniel Sträßer
Esther Baumann Brigitte Urhausen
Pia Heinrich Ines Marie Westernströer
Roland Schürk Torsten Michaelis
Jessi Pohlmann Caroline Hartig

Tatort (ARD): Commissioners do not always participate

Meanwhile, the two commissioners, Daniel Sträßer as Adam Schürk, Vladimir Burlakov as Leo Hölzer, are by no means always involved. There is this story of his past. So they like to look at each other worried / worried / tormented / expressive, and Adam looks tragically out of his glasses and easily walked away because he’s traumatized. And unfortunately it has to go away again, sorry, it’s a private thing.

However, they will resolve their case. A case in which not only the “Lord of the Forest” passes into the forest near Saarbrücken; by the way, Pierre Brice comes to mind when you look at it. The night Jessica was murdered, apparently half the school class was there. Researchers (Brigitte Urhausen and Ines Marie Westernstroer work as Esther and Pia, largely unobtrusive) may warn each other from time to time not to follow a single clue. It is true that it is difficult for the critic not to commit to a single perpetrator and an author as soon as possible, given the lack of subtle evidence.

On the show

“Crime Scene: The Lord of the Woods”, ARD, Easter Monday, 8:15 p.m.

ARD Crime Scene: Cliffhanger can fear bad things

You have to be a psychopath, see above. And the person who has just woken up from a coma after 15 years is (for now) sitting in a wheelchair and is therefore out of the question (for now). But old Schürk is once again successful to perfection. So in the end there’s a cliffhanger that gives rise to fears: the tragic story of Adam and Leo will be milked until each flashback can be seen a dozen times and the curators quit their jobs. (Sylvia Staude)

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