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The most absurd electric car in the world: the new super Hummer can do it


AThe crab mode probably draws more attention: the new Hummer can rotate all four wheels ten degrees in the same direction at the same time and roll to the sides. The powerful car is supposed to be able to cope with particularly narrow and winding terrain. Or it’s easier to find parking spaces on a city trip.

In addition, the lobster can circulate through waters 60 centimeters deep and pump 15 centimeters to overcome rocks and cracks. The giant has 1000 hp and can go from zero to 100 in three seconds, reminiscent more of a sports car than a pickup. But the most surprising thing is that all this should no longer be achieved with an internal combustion engine, as before, but with an electric motor.

Or more precisely: with three electric motors, as now announced by the manufacturer General Motors (GM) in the US state of Michigan. “The vehicle,” said company president Mark Reuss, “demonstrates what GM is capable of.” Reuss described the all-terrain vehicle as a “beacon” that shows where GM and the rest of the industry are heading.

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Reuss introduced two new engine models designed to help GM achieve the climate goal it had set: a fully electric fleet by 2035. One machine has a power of 180 kilowatts and the other 255 kilowatts. Both operate under the Ultium name and, according to Reuss, are only half as heavy and half as large as the electric motors GM currently uses. Not surprisingly, the Hummer uses the 255-kilowatt variant.

The new Hummer should shine on any terrain

The new Hummer should also be able to circulate in deep water

Which: GMC

The Ultium platform will be incorporated into the entire next generation of the group’s electric cars. But it starts with the Hummer, which receives special ground armor so that the batteries are protected on stony terrain. The car was introduced a year ago and should be available in the coming months. Price: From $ 112,595.

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Battery Vs. fuel cell

The new Hummer is perhaps the most absurd electric car in the world: once a military vehicle, later America’s most ostentatious SUV, and now green. It is a symbol of how GMOs and the entire industry are changing radically. The electric revolution reaches the heart of the American automotive industry: pick-ups. All manufacturers know that the era of battery units will only succeed if models with open charging zones also become electric. Compact electronic cars for the urban elite are not enough for this.

Nothing is as important to American auto companies as the pickup truck business. Americans love cars. Every fifth citizen drives one and almost every second in North Dakota and Wyoming. The Ford F-150, the king of pickups, was sold 790,000 times last year, no other model in the United States. It was followed by the Chevrolet Silverado with 590,000 and the Ram de Stellantis with 560,000 sales. Only then did the sedans and SUVs arrive.

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Source: WELT / Peter Haentjes

Owning a pickup truck is also a life option in the United States. Cars are like the last bastion of those motorists who do not want to lean towards the trend towards small and economical models. Many of them take pride in their roaring machines. Some let the engines pimp so that they bubble even harder. Others intentionally block charging stations when they park because they hate battery-powered vehicles.

This is probably one of the reasons why American car manufacturers do not dare to use electric pickups for a long time. In addition, cars are larger and heavier than sedans and must be able to remove loads, which is a challenge for batteries. But the technology is already mature enough for these tasks.

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The new Hummer’s direct rival is Tesla’s Cybertruck, which is slated to come off the assembly line in 2022. The creation of billionaire Elon Musk looks just as crazy and delivers similar performance. The Cybertruck is also both: a pickup truck and a Porsche. It should be able to pull 6.5 tons of cargo, but without a trailer it can go from zero to 100 in 2.9 seconds. According to Tesla, its range is 800 kilometers. Here I could be in front of the lobster. GM promises only 560 miles.

Brilliant on any terrain, says General Motors

Brilliant on any terrain, says General Motors

Which: GMC

Another competitor of the Hummer: the R1T of the Californian start-up Rivian. The first models are due this year. The R1T doesn’t look as futuristic as the Cybertruck or as armored as the Hummer, but it does get comparatively good performance and is significantly cheaper.

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And next year, the F-150 will also run on electricity. It could become the electric collector of the masses. The Hummer and Cybertruck are too exotic for this, they are more likely to become toys for athletes and musicians (basketball star LeBron James loves the Hummer, rapper Travis Scott loves the Cybertruck). And Rivian is probably not established enough to attract large groups of buyers.

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Ford, on the other hand, could do it. The company recently released a video showing a prototype of the electric F-150 pulling out ten railroad cars. These images could convince Americans to get involved in the big electricity experiment.

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