Sunday , October 2 2022

The US Central Bank maintains stable interest rates


GodThe results of the Federal Reserve left investors on Vall Street mostly cold on Thursday. Dov Jones's industry traded narrowly during trade, closing with a modest gain of 0.04 per cent to 26,119.22 points. Market S & P 500 cut 0.25 percent to 2806.83 points. Technological index Nasdak 100 dropped 0.62% to 7158.59 points.

Despite the fierce criticism of President Donald Trump, the Fed has kept its monetary policy and, as expected, has not touched its key interest rate. However, the central bank has announced a still gradual increase in interest rates.

Economists expected this decision. The risks to the economic outlook are balanced, the economy is growing at a rapid pace, according to the comment on the decision on the interest rate. The labor market is strong and the unemployment rate has dropped.

The Fed promises an early change

"The Fed's statement is in line with expectations," commented Thomas Altmann, portfolio manager at KC's partners. The fund remained on the course to further increase interest rates. "Unless something is unforeseen, the Fed will include the interest rate next December." Investors do not have "surprises".

Among the individual stocks, Kualcomm shares were negative with a loss of more than 8 percent. The world's largest smartphone chip maker has announced unexpectedly low sales and earnings targets for the current quarter. Earlier, Apple announced that it would use in the future its new iPhone models, Kualcomm's chipset competitor Intel.

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