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We need to talk about revelation at the end


Fantastic beasts 2 finally shocked us with the discovery of the name that will soon be in the future, as Cliffhanger is probably still on the lips of all: Aurelius Dumbledore.

Attention, there are massive spoilers for Fantastic Beasts 2: Anyone who has seen freshly launched Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's crime in the cinema will be surprising (perhaps) death of the main character A little time to carry around the great discovery of the end: Obviously there is another member of the Dumbledore family: Aurelius, This is Credence Barebone

(Ezra Miller). But can we take this information at a nominal value? How much Gaolon did you bet?

Fantastic Beasts 2 Reveals: Bredbone is Aurelius Dumbledore

It's crazy: All the time in the Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's crimes are scattering a lot of fun (Tina, Nevt, Grindelwald, Grimmson lovers, the Ministry of Magic) Obscurial Barebones from the loanwhich in turn looking for his origins is. With difficulty he finds his mother and we hear from rumors that he Corvus Lestrange it could have been, what already indicated in the trailer with pedigree is. But it turned out wrong perceptionbecause Zoe Kravitz discovers that she has replaced two babies as a child, and her brother Corvus died in a shipwreck. So, at the end of the film, it seems that we have returned to the beginning, we do not know about the identity of Credence.

But the last scene follows: Grindelwald's recognition is given not only to his first wand, but also to his The real name is Aurelius DumbledoreThe destination should now be suddenly Albus Dumbledore's younger brother to be. But how much can we believe in this claim?

Does Grindelwald lie in fantastic beasts 2 in connection with the identity of the credentials?

Gellert Grindelvald (Johnny Depp) is is not the most likely sourcewhen it comes to true information. After all, we know from a mass manipulator that he has Obscurial as a weapon against Dumbledore because he was one of the few who had the power to kill "the great Albus Dambldore." That brother of Dumbledore Credence and wants to crash a dangerous Obscurial, so he could strategic lie to send Credence to Dumbledore in a fight.

On the other hand, Fantastic Beasts 2 also provide "proof" that Grindelwald can not easily lie: Dumbledore already explains Nevt, Phoenix comes to every member of the Dumbledore family in needIt seems that Credenza's bird is just such a fire (maybe even Фокс?). Besides, The first names of all Dumbledore brothers and sisters begin with A so far: Prev lbus Dumbledore, his younger brother berforth Dumbledore, as well as his late boy sister Riana Dumbledore now there could be another one Urelius Dumbledore.

If Grindelwald's statement is correct at the conclusion of Fantastic Beasts 2, and indeed Dumbledore's brother Aurelius, he can the most half-brother to be. The dam of Dumbledore brothers and sisters died in 1899. After that he had to be born (according to the 1901 scenario). That means it can do the most Son of Albus's father Percival Dumbledore However, he was in prison for a long time due to the attack on three mugs that attacked Ariane. However, we know it is Father Dumbledore died in AzkabanBut how did the father need another child from there? Was he free between?

Could it be an indication that a woman on board is avoiding a replaced baby as "Auntie Candy"is credited in loans or is at the end Aurelius, son of Ariane Dambldor (not Albus's brother, but his nephew), which would mean that Ariana was not only attacked, but also pregnant by the muggles her father later attacked. Do you have a child before you die at age 14? our wide knowledge of fantastic beasts Definitely still worth going over here.

Fantastic Beasts 2: Does Dumbledore know who the Credence is?

Another exciting question in this context is how much Albus Dumbledore (Jude Lav) knows. After all, we find out that it is in the first part Nevt manipulated to drive to New York, He knew that his animal ex-pupil, Nevt, would return the bushes he had brought to his American homeland. And he assumed that Newtown would meet Credence there. but What kind of interest does Dumbledore have in trust?

Albus Dambldore wanted a young man to help with compassionbecause his sister Ariana is inexplicable could it be? Did not he just want Grendelwald to fall into his hands? Or it has own plans with him? Does Albus Dambldore know for a long time about his potential brother Aurelius Dumbledore? As always, these are Fantastic Beasts 2 Dumbledore the the most sophisticated figure in this great equation of secret identity and conspiracy. But perhaps J.K. That's why Rovling is precisely because of Jude Lava Discover the secretsIn any case, we can hardly wait to find out when and how it continues,

Do you think Credence really is Dumbledore's brother Aurelius?

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