Saturday , March 6 2021

“Wedding at First Sight”: Michi celebrates his birthday with Lisa

Lisa (30) and Michael (36) decided against marriage at the first final view of the wedding, but decided on friendship. And in fact: even months after the end of filming, the participants of the old sample of the dome are still in contact. How well they get along despite the failed social experiment, they have now proved once again: Lisa even celebrated her birthday with her husband Michi.

In yours Instagram-History, the flight attendant shared with her fans at the two-man party. “So Michi just announced. He needs five more minutes. I’ll light the candles now and get him.”she explained. A little later, the guest of honor was standing on the mat and was immediately given a glass of sparkling wine. In the living room she was allowed to blow out the candles on Lisa’s homemade cake and make a wish.

The 30-year-old has been in firm hands again since November. But Michi is still part of her life despite the planned divorce. Your partner has no problem with that. “No, he already knew me like that”Lisa explained it just a few weeks ago.

Michael and Lisa at their wedding
Miquel de "Wedding at first sight" in November 2020

Instagram / michael.hadeb

Michael from “Wedding at First Sight” in November 2020
Lisa from “Wedding at a Glance”

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