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Werder Bremen vs. VfB Stuttgart live score: Werder live!

Werder Bremen will play against VfB Stuttgart on the 27th day of the Bundesliga and will place their hopes on striker Niclas Füllkrug. The DeichStube live score *.

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15: 16h: Guests must keep an eye on Sasa Kalajdzic in Stuttgart. The Austrian has not only scored 13 goals on his scoring account, but has also scored once in each of his last four home games.

15:08: Let’s take a look at the referees team. Félix Zwayer is assisted on the sidelines by Marco Achmüller and Rafael Foltyn. The fourth official is Dr. Matthias Jöllenbeck, while Harm Osmers and Mike Pickel take place at the Cologne Winery.

15:02: “Füllkrug is in charge of Sargent,” coach Florian Kohfeldt explains to his Sky teammates. “With him we gain a lot of quality.” The Werder coach does not want to talk about replacing a player. He goes on to say, “You never want to let your opponent show up.” Against Stuttgart, the green and whites want to run deep and force the host to lose the ball.

14:58 pm: Speaking of the past: if we are going to look for Werder’s last win against VfB, we will meet again in 2017, more precisely on December 2nd. At that time, today’s visitors managed to prevail by 1-0. Otherwise, Stuttgart have celebrated three victories in the last four games. Also, the points were shared once.

14:54 pm: Werder Bremen and Sunday: have not matched for a long time. The last success came on December 1, 2019 against VfL Wolfsburg (3-2). But: never say never. Maybe the people of Bremen will find three points in their Easter basket.

14:50: The “yellow danger” continues to play today. Werder, Christian Groß, Ludwig Augustinsson, Maximilian Eggestein and Davie Selke are each charged with four yellow cards. Another warning against VfB Stuttgart would mean the suspension of the home game against RB Leipzig on Saturday.

2.45 pm: Now that there are no more schedules, there is something to celebrate. What? Maximilian Eggestein’s 150th Bundesliga match! The midfielder reaches this mark at 24 years and 117 days. In Werder’s history, only Jonny Otten was younger than Eggestein in his 150th Bundesliga appearance at 24 years and 44 days.

2.40 pm: Stuttgart enter the home game against SV Werder a little shaken in terms of staff. Silas Wamangituka (cross-linked tear) and Nicolas González (torn muscle fiber) are missing two of the three strong offensive protagonists.

2.38 pm: And here is the list of VfB host: Kobel – Endo, Mavropanos, Anton, Kempf, Sosa – Castro, Klimowicz – Förster, Kalajdzic, Coulibaly.

2.35 pm: In addition, there are three newcomers to the Werder squad against VfB Stuttgart Michael Zetterer, Patrick Erras and Eren Dinkci.

2.33 pm: Head coach Florian Kohfeldt made two changes compared to the 1: 2 against VfL Wolfsburg before the international break. As expected, Niclas Füllkrug moved to the center of the storm by Josh Sargent, with a yellow ban. Christian Groß defends Milos Veljkovic (adductor strain) from the disease.

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart on the live score: this is how Florian Kohfeldt sets up

2.30 pm: And there are the constellations! Werder begins with the following starting XI: Pavlenka – Gebre Selassie, Groß, Toprak, Friedl, Augustinsson – Möhwald, Eggestein, Schmid – Füllkrug, Rashica.

14:28: Moin and a warm welcome from the DeichStube. International outbreak, finally the Bundesliga again! Werder Bremen visit VfB Stuttgart

This is where Live-Ticker in the Bundesliga match of the SV Werder Bremen against the VfB Stuttgart. Lineups for both teams start here at 2:30 p.m.

Werder Bremen vs VfB Stuttgart on the scoreboard: Niclas Füllkrug’s progress as a big advantage?

Bremen – International breaks in football have a fairly modest reputation at the moment. Traveling in the midst of the crown pandemic, additional stress on the national team and less training with the club team. For SV Werder Bremen he had the break before the Bundesliga match VfB Stuttgart on Sunday (3:30 p.m. Live-Ticker the DeichStube *), but also a not insignificant advantage.

Florian Kohfeldt he had more time. The coach of the SV Werder Bremen he was able to take charge of the great construction work that has occupied the green and whites throughout the season, playing and taking advantage of the scoring chances. “We put up two blocks on how we can delve deeper into our game,” Kohfeldt says. And he was able to train with a man in charge of the Bundesliga match at VfB Stuttgart can be particularly important – Niclas filling jug.

Werder Bremen on the live score at VfB Stuttgart: Will Niclas Füllkrug become the deciding factor for coach Florian Kohfeldt?

Because Josh Sargent is the fixed point of the offensive against him VfB Stuttgart missing a blocked yellow, Kohfeldt must reschedule his session. If instead of the United States national player is in the starting XI of the SV Werder Bremen the coach, of course, does not reveal it. It is likely that the selection is based on Niclas filling jug and the Davie Selke limit. The fact that the choice finally falls on Füllkrug can be felt a bit: “In the end, he has to play now,” he says. Florian Kohfeldt on the 28-year-old center-forward. “That gives you the toughness of the competition.” In the end something was missing. After a good start to the season, with a pack of three against Schalke 04, the Füllkrug season has so far had two alternative phases. Phase 1: Injury. Phase 2: fight. Due to a calf injury and ankle problems, Füllkrug had been out for two weeks. Since then, he has only scored one starting XI and one goal.

More recently, Füllkrug was the second main choice, as Sargent had scored the goal with three goals in the last five games. He went through Sargent’s lock Niclas filling jug now back to the chance to get caught. The coach sees him ready for that in any case. “The international break with all the training was very good for‘ Abundance, ’” Kohfeldt says. “I think we’re in really good shape now with him.”

To Werder Bremen it would be fine, because it still is Descent I’m not sure. Before the matches against the big pieces, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund would be a success against VfB Stuttgart quite important on Sunday. Florian Kohfeldt he sees, however, no importance in the game. “If we win, we won’t finish. And if we lose, there will be no dramatic situation. ”As the twelfth in the table with 30 points, Bremen still have a seven-point lead over the relegation zone. But Kohfeldt warns: “We just have to win games. And it really doesn’t matter if you finished math or not. “

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart: unlucky Swedes with injuries – Florian Kohfeldt senses a chance

A fitter and fresher one Niclas filling jug It should help and it is possibly exactly what VfB Stuttgart could miss against Werder. To Nicolas Gonzalez (six goals this season, hamstring hamstring) and Silas Wamangituka (eleven goals, broken ligament rupture), Werder’s two-goal scare in the Swedes’ 2-1 victory in the first half of the season, the VfB is missing two hugely important strikers. “That hurts them, that’s what the people of Stuttgart say themselves,” Kohfeldt says. “But the variability and breadth of their workforce is so great that they have to do it Ara Kalajdzic you can play your offensive football around you. But Kalajdzic is also a case in itself. The striker’s discovery of the season has already scored 13 goals and he has scored eight times in the last eight Bundesliga games. Only he can jeopardize Werder’s defense. Still, he has been on a grueling international trip with three appearances (and three goals) for Austria. The 23-year-old should have at least heavy legs. Maybe another small benefit to Werder Bremen from the international phase. (han) * is a joint venture between the Kreiszeitung media group and the Weser Kurier media group and an IPPEN.MEDIA offering.

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