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Who are the candidates? These 14 celebrities are dancing in the new season

January 20, 2021 – 12:36 p.m. Clock

These stars fight for the title “Dancing Star 2021”

On December 14, 2020, Jan Hofer took off his tie at the “Tageschau” and said goodbye to his audience for the last time. “Mr. Tagesschau” retired after 35 years. But in 2021 he will definitely not be silent for the 68 years, because he has a new big, very special project pending: he will participate in “Ballem”.

And another little feeling of “Let’ Dance ”is waiting for the audience. Because Auma Obama – Barack Obama’s sister – will also be on the Cologne dance floor.

From February 26, millions of people will sit in front of the television and keep their fingers crossed towards their “Ballem” stars. 14 celebrities will re-train to exhaustion, shed tears and have the sore muscles of their lives, for the 14th time in the history of Let’s Dance. Who can follow in the footsteps of Lili Paul-Roncalli? These are all candidates who want to give their all for this. We show them in the video.

Jan Hofer begins his retirement as a candidate for “Ballem”

We can already reveal this: the former spokesman for “Tagesschau”, Jan Hofer, is 68 years old and is the oldest candidate of this year’s season. This is by no means a “disadvantage”: Jan is super athletic and in top shape. He is a big fan of “Let’s Dance” and after retiring as a news presenter on German television he wants to show a new side of himself.

Simon Zachenhuber (22) is the youngest candidate. He could be far ahead of the other candidates in terms of coordination and endurance, because as a middleweight professional boxer he has this in his blood.

For the first German “Charming Prince” Nicolas Puschmann as a candidate for “Ballem”, a huge dream comes true. “I’m honored that it’s now a reality,” the 29-year-old says happily. An additional special experience awaits her: Nicolas dances with a man. Find out why she dances with a man here.

Actor Erol Sander will also sweep the RTL dance floor from February 26th. The 52-year-old expects a lot from the challenge: “Dancing is an enrichment for me as an actor. I find it exciting to learn to dance professionally and I’m really looking forward to my participation in ‘Ballem’.”

Senna Gamour, Ilse DeLange and Lola Weippert are there

Senna Gammour also faces the huge dance challenge of season 14. The 40-year-old has had enough experience as a singer, presenter and comedian. And as a former member of “Monrose,” she’s no stranger to dancing either. Can you convince the “Let’s Dance” jury in standard and Latin as well?

With her work as a TVNOW presenter, Lola Weippert already fulfilled a huge dream in 2020. And with “Ballem”, the next adventure awaits you in early 2021. The former radio presenter wants to show that she can do it not only on the microphone, but also on the dance floor.

Singer Ilse DeLange (43) is also one of this year’s celebrities. She likes to dance, but so far she tends to dance behind closed doors: “My close friends know how much I like to dance, but for many others it will certainly be a big surprise.”

For Auma Obama, it’s about having fun

Also there: the Germanist and author Auma Obama (60 years old), Barack Obama’s sister! She has a quality that should give her an advantage: the journalist is already a passionate dancer. Will it benefit?

Also there: former DSDS participant Vanessa Neigert. The singer and new mother of two has long been a big fan of “Let’s Dance” and is really looking forward to the dance steps and the fantastic costumes.

Anyone who impresses on the dance floor with their unusual outfits and outfits is “Formula 1” sports presenter Kai Ebel. The 56-year-old says: “I’ve run the race tracks around the world, now I need parquet under my shoes instead of asphalt …”

Also there: Icelandic football star Rúrik Gíslason (32) and Kim Riekenberg (26), known to many as the “new Heidi Klum”.

Mickie Krause and Valentina Pahde want to give their best to Cha Cha Cha, Rumba & Co.

This year, hugely successful star Mickie Krause is also being tested on the dance floor. His message, which he wants to convey: “I participate in ‘Ballem’ to show that you can dance with both left feet.” Do you really have two left feet or do you have talents without dreaming?

GZSZ actress Valentina Pahde is also part of “Let’s Dance” 2021! “Normally, I have different roles, but now I will be one hundred percent Valentina Pahde and I will dance to the heart of the‘ Let’s Dance ’audience,” the ‘Sunny’ star promises. Her sister has already presented in 2017 when it comes to dance: Cheyenne Pahde took eighth place in the tenth season of “Let’s Dance”. Find out how far Valentina will go from February 26th!

All the candidates for the 14th season in the overview are in the video.

Watch “Ballem” on TVNOW starting February 26th

“Let’s Dance” begins Feb. 26 with the big introductory program on RTL. In parallel with the television broadcast, the program is also broadcast live on TVNOW.

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