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120 installments: the three changes – "breathing" for taxpayers – Newsbomb – News


Debates with institutions are ongoing for the three invoices that will be sent to the House in the next days and will be voted at the end of August.

These are the invoices of the state organization, the tax invoice and, finally, the invoice of the Ministry of Development and Investment will be deposited.

But that is where the institutions are focused, as it expects a relief of four million euros for four years. According to reports, the government considers two scenarios, as the institutions have not yet agreed.

  • The first scenario provides for the presentation of a mini fiscal invoice that will include the changes in 120 quotas and various provisions of tax incentives and the presentation of the main changes in income tax and ENFIA in September together with the budget.
  • The second scenario provides for the deposit of all provisions in the coming days and the reduction of the tax scale income for companies and households.

As a government official said, final decisions will be made at the end of the week.

He … headache

From the last figures, it seems that the agreement does not work and, for now, the institutions are justified by their valuations.

According to the latest available data, they have validated up to now 189,500 applications for capital and total debt: 1,600 million euros while the receipts are close to 130 million euros.

The intentions of the new government are:

  • The reduction of the minimum fee of € 30 to € 20 for those with a debt up to € 3,000. Today, someone who has 3,000 euros can pay their debt in 100 installments (3000/30 euros). With the new system, the fees will be increased to 120, with a fee of € 25. Consequently, someone who owes 2500 euros can pay their debt in 120 installments paying 21 euros per month.
  • The interest rate was reduced from 5% to 3% or 4%.
  • A more favorable framework with the objective of integrating as many companies as possible to the regulation. At the moment, the participation of companies is very small, since the quotas that the system does not exceed 24, it is noted that the Law of legislative content, which provides for the increase of quotas for companies at 120, does not to be continued.

Source: Kathimerini newspaper

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