Friday , February 26 2021

And yet! There is a cure for coronavirus.

It wasn’t long before several doctors declared in the U.S. Senate to allow the use of Ivermectin in the treatment of coronavirus. In these depositions Dr. Pierre Kory stood out, who literally begged senators to push in that direction to save lives. It was something we dealt with through our articles.

A few days ago, a Belgian virologist, or March Wathelet, along with a team of infectious disease specialists, stated that the pandemic could be stopped with the use of this drug in less than six (6) weeks.

In a series of scientifically new studies, such as the lancet, such as here and here, which are only the last three of the dozens they have this year, it was found that the use of ivermectin has the following results:

  1. Reduction of

    83% dead (95% Cl

    65% -92%).

  2. Reduction of

    risk of deterioration of a patient’s condition 53% (95% Cl

    23% -71).

  3. That the

    preventive use of the drug

    reduces against 88% (95% Cl 82% -92%) the virus transmission!

  4. Results that exceed the efficiency of all vaccines !!
  5. At the same time, Mountain Valley Md announced the manufacture of the drug, investing in the technologies it has developed in terms of supply for maximum efficiency (drug supply technology) and, at the same time, the results of its own clinical trials.
  6. Similar moves are being made in the UK for drug use.
  7. Let us not forget that Belgium, with a population of eleven and a half million inhabitants, despite continuous and severe closures, is in the top four countries in Europe in cases and deaths per capita!
  8. The medicine you are taking may have minimal side effects, such as mild dizziness.
  9. South Africa has decided to use the drug to treat the virus.
  10. The most important problem in adopting these solutions, which would stop the epidemic, is that there are international organizations such as the WHO and the EU. and governments serve and operate the great pharmaceutical companies and the world elite and not the health of their peoples. Commitments and setbacks!

You can watch these two videos on how the medicine works.

Update 52 of the coronavirus pandemic: ivermectin treatment; Does COVID-19 attack hemoglobin? – YouTube

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