Wednesday , October 27 2021

Angelina Chaldea: difficult times for the former player of The Bachelor


Angelina Haldeda lives dramatic moments. The 21-year-old, whom we met through her participation in the first cycle of The Bachelor, has sunk into mourning when her godfather died.

He said goodbye to him with an emotional message on social media.

He posted a photo of them together and wrote the following:

“My dear godmother! I will always remember you with that smile … I will always remember the last words you said to me” never give up … and put more Christ and the Virgin in my life “

I know I’m your girl like you always said!

You left us so early and so young … I’m sorry I didn’t spend my time with you! Because the godfather is the spiritual father and he couldn’t have it better … I’m sorry, I haven’t come to see you as often as I should! I love you so much to see us from up there! 22/9/21 ».

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