Saturday , August 13 2022

Arrival of ATHEKS in the metro


The terrible setting was set up on Saturday night in the Golden Dawn when it wasthe racing game appeared at the metro station in Monastir, as the witness said, who described what he saw in Ef.

According to the testimony, about 2 in the afternoon people wearing t-shirts. and holding sticks and flags, they descended into the subway and after the ascent, called "Blood, Honor, Golden Dawn" and "Live, Drive Us", for a 35-year-old man killed in Vuliarates.

Transitional Nazi representation was accompanied by threats to travelers who tried to collect events with their mobile devices.

"We forgot why we would find you wherever you are" they threatened an eyewitness when he tried to record a scene with a mobile phone.

He said that the goldsmiths showed similar behavior to other travelers who did not allow them to collect tricks from electric surfaces.

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