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Athens Voice: Elena Akrita Exiled – Interview Cancel!


Posted: 30.06.2019 | 21:27

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The publication of Athens on the immigrant who lost his life at the Hospital of Nice, "removed from clothes" Elena Akrita!

The … bad luck! This is the only way to describe what happens in the last hours with the voice of Athens. The cause was an inconceivable site that supposedly would be responsible for those responsible for the page, so far it can not be denied.

It was the tragic case of the woman who yesterday Saturday 29.06.2019 lost her life of nightmare to the Nikaia Hospital, falling from the first floor.

The information reported that he was working alone without having the necessary documents and was supposed to fall from the hospital's first floor to try to avoid control.

This unimaginable affair, with the woman who seems to have lost her life for only a few euros, has come to the forefront of that day with a publication on social networks and allegedly made by the voice of Athens.

Comments on social media are endless and, of course, the vast majority of users condemn this message.

Elena Akrita, who informs via Facebook that she canceled an interview scheduled with the voice of Athens on the occasion of the launch of her new book, has also entered the dance.

In particular, he says: "They asked me for an interview about my book" The Alice Caps "and I initially accepted it. Of course, I'll cancel it. Do it with you, Giorgis # be careful with the # trashrules?

Take a look at the publication of Alena Akrita on the voice of Athens

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