Google has released many interesting things on the Android Developer Summit, such as promoting the Generic System Image (GSI) for the general public. This means that Android K will be available to developers earlier than usual without the need for emulator or specific hardware. Developers may be able to test Android K even before the AOSP source code is available! Google also reported on new features such as support for mobile and multi-screen folders.

Last year, Google presented Project Treble in an attempt to reduce the delay in updating. Apart from solving the fragmentation problem, Treble also brings the GSI without Android modification from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). At the conference, Google analyzed the GSI, described in detail its implications and said it was planning to be more useful.Google has also announced a new feature called multi-resume that will allow multiple applications to run simultaneously on a single screen! Now, more applications can be opened, but when they are used, the other one stops automatically. This feature becomes mandatory with Android K! We will have complete multitasking on our computers for the first time on our mobile!