Wednesday , October 5 2022

Because: "Amazing Plaier Giannis" – basketball – NBA


Steve Kerr admitted that Bax was superior to Worcester and gave the talent of Iannis Adodokunpa after defeating the champion (111-134).

«Giannis did what he does every night. It is very difficult to face him when he brings the ball to his right hand and attacks the basket, but also when he has a good shooter around him. Always creates problems for the opponent. He is an incredible player and will get every dinner every night. You have to be disciplined to limit it"Ker said.

«Of course, Draymon Greene gives us a lot, but this time there was no absence. We played without regard, we were fools and they did not do our bug correctly. When this happens against a thirsty team that is constantly growing, things will not be good. We always have difficulty, they are really strong and you have to play well to win"He added.

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