Wednesday , May 18 2022

Crete FM 87.6 – Bogris: "If they do not respect you, you have to be scared!" "Bogris:" If they do not respect you, they must be afraid of you "



In the wrong choice of the attack, Giorgos Bogris stood in his statements after the match.

Some wrong choices in the offensive were those who claimed in Olimpiacos, according to Giorgos Bogris, who stood in the needs of the team to look ahead.

In detail, what the 29-year-old center said in the NOVA camera:

«The truth is that it was a very difficult match. We wanted to take it because we had 2 consecutive defeats. We were mostly concentrated and we followed the plan. It did not cost us one lost shot or a big punch. I think that some wrong choices in the attack did not allow us to play with our conditions. Fener has quality and image that we could get to win ", he said at the beginning.

To start Olympics: "It does not say anything, it's still November, Olympiakos started the same way before, and we reached the top, and we wanted to win the world." This defeat threw away the victories we made at the start. and self-confidence, a serious defeat like today. If anyone can overcome them, that's what we and we must start in Germany against Bayern ".

For the ups and downs of the Olympiacos match: "I will say one thing, we have to be more dynamic, the biggest mistake was that we played with 2 mistakes ten times, we accepted the points. If they do not respect you, they must be afraid of you and that is why we have to move forward, and then the season".

For his epidemic after the first basket, he succeeded: "Ejection would do it and it was not my basket I will never put my selfishness on this and give everything I have and I do not have patience and persistence, and in every game we will give the maximum.In each game I will deposit my soul and whenever my coach I am very happy to be in the team that I won in the world and I want to win my coach and have more time on the floor ".

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