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Earthquake: Schools closed in Ilia – Fear of shooting squirrels – Newsbomb – News


On the occasion of the seismic sequence that was produced in the last days in the north of Ilia, he met Andravida, the coordinating body for civil protection to assess the situation and make decisions.

In particular, as it was decided at today's meeting, a group of engineers from the Directorate General of Disaster Recovery of the Ministry of Infrastructure will visit the area on Wednesday to inspect the buildings that have suffered damages.

On the other hand, according to the region, during the meeting of the coordinating body, the question of the students who will give pan-Hellenic examinations, in relation to the interruption caused by an earthquake, and The possibility of intervention of the Ministry of Education is therefore discussed.

After the meeting, the coordinating body followed a meeting with the president of the OASP, Efthimio Lekka, who is in Andravida.

Lekkas is reassuring

According to the region, "The president of the OASP said that the phenomenon was being controlled and asked residents to follow the instructions of the state coordinated known in these cases."

In addition, following a letter from Mayor Andravida – Killini, Nabil – Joseph Mordant, the regional governor, Apostolos Katsifaras, addressed the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, declare the whole municipality of Andravida – Killini in an emergency state.

Meanwhile, in statements made by Efthimios Lekkas, he mentioned among others that "What emphasized the inhabitants is that they must maintain temperament, there is not much danger in the area and the possibilities of negative evolution of the phenomenon are too small".

At the same time, he pointed this out "The structured web resists much larger seismic vibrations and there are institutions that can successfully handle all these situations."

In addition, Mr. Lekkas emphasized it "I told residents that they did not report rumors, especially when they came from people who were not competent, and that they fully complied with the instructions of the State and the institutions," adding that "according to the figures, there is no development negative ".

Closed schools

Schools of all levels of education will be closed until Thursday (5/23), municipalities Andravida – Killini, Piniou and Ilidasaid Iliaia's deputy governor Giorgos Georgiopoulos.

After the earthquake of 4.4 of Richter on Tuesday (5/25), which has caused discomfort for residents, there have been several minor damage to homes and businesses, so it is necessary for the safety of students to revise the entire school Buildings, according to

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