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Election results 2019 – MPA25: These are the nine elected members


Based on the results of the elections, which is now finally … and there is a vote in Exarchia, MPA25 elects nine deputies. The majority of the names are already known and Yiannis Varoufakis has decided to decide which of the three places will be done so that the other two know if they will become deputies or not.

Outside the house was the wife of Yannis Varoufakis, Danae Stratou, who was a candidate for A & # 39; The Piraeus.

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In At Athens MPA25 chooses it Angeliki Adamopoulou, lawyer and head of the Department of Justice and Human Rights of the Party.

The famous actor Cleon Grigoriadis He won his election in north sector of Athens II. Member of the MPA25 from … the first day and member of the Political Secretariat. The 55-year-old actor graduated from Karol Kun school and played 14 films and 13 television series. In July of 2015, he fought against the "no" in the referendum and, in fact, his fight with Maria Sarapoglou in Mega stayed in its history. MPA25

Activated west sector Athens is chosen the second Kriton Arsenis, a PASEP MEP in 2009 and a candidate for MEPs with SYRIZA in May 2014. It is not related to the family of Gerasimos and Lucas Katselis, as clarified in his resume. He was born in Thessaloniki in 1977 and is an ecologist and organic farmer.

H Sophia Sacrifice elected with MPA25 at to the south sector The Vatican does not require any special recommendation. He has been a prominent Greek champion and champion since 1982 (when he broke the world record) until 1987. He began his policy with local government. In May and June 2012, he was elected deputy to SYRIZA. In 2014 he was elected MEP with SYRIZA, but he resigned on 15 after signing the memorandum. He was a candidate for MEPs, but he could not win any place in the European Parliament. MPA25

In to the east Attica MPA25 chooses a private employee Maria Apatzidis yen Second Thessaloniki the historical, philological and autonomous sciences, as mentioned in your resume Konstantina Adamou.

O Yannis Varoufakis, since the head of the party had been named in three regions: Second Piraeus, a Heraklion yen 1st Thessaloniki. Depending on which one will chooseIn Parliament with MPA25 you can also include: George Logiadis (Heraklion), Fotini Bacadima (2nd Piraeus) i Sophia Fountoukidou (Thessaloniki 1a).

All members of MEP25

1st Athens Angeliki Adamopoulou

B1 of the northern sector of Athens, Kleon Grigoriadis

B2 & # 39; West Athens Division Kriton Arsenis

B3 Athens South Division Sakorapha

B & Y Piraeus Yannis Varoufakis or Fotini Bakadima

The first part of Ática Apatzidi Maria

Irakliou Yannis Varoufakis or Giorgos Logiades

Thessaloniki Yannis Varoufakis or Sofia Fountoukidou

Thessaloniki B & B Adamou Konstantina

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